A new sponsor:  Temple Fork Outfitters.    Their first rods I ordered:   The Professional series.    This one should be on your radar.   I have used these every trip for several months.   They are good.     For the price:   You can’t do any better.   

On a tip from one of their staff, I ordered ten of them to use on charters.   This is the input I have on this product.     I can tell you:   They know what they are doing.    This is a rod in the $100 range and for that, it is probably the best value I have ever seen in a fishing rod.  

I’ve been doing this a long time.    I won’t use substandard equipment.    I would fish with this rod every day.    I will be trying some of their more expensive models but I could use this rod the rest of my life.  

From their web site:  https://tforods.com/tfg-professional-rods/


The rod is pretty standard.    A nice, neat appearance.    Nice thread wrap colors.     It is not an ugly rod.   

Construction and Materials:

The reel seat and grip are set up for proper balance of your reel and are slightly lighter than conventional reel seats.    The reel attaches easily to the seat.    The reel seat does not slip and loosen during use like other rod makers have happen.  

The guides are excellent quality.      The reel seat is excellent.   The grip is excellent.     You will really enjoy this rod.     It is not as “light” as some rods are.     But it is pretty close.   It has a good feel in the Medium, Medium Light and Light models.     


In my own use, which is predominantly artificial lures for saltwater gamefish, the fishing rod is the most important component in the rod and reel combination.   The “Pro rod” provides strength for fighting fish but it also provides a great “feel” for both making long, easy casts and keeps control of light lures for the appropriate presentation to trick the toughest gamefish.    Casting:   This rod casts as well as any I have ever held, better than more expensive rods by other companies.  

Warranty and care:  https://tforods.com/warranty/.    It’s pretty easy:  Register your rods.  Their warranty program is solid.  

Pricing:   The spinning rods retail for around $100.  This is value for the money, and worth the investment.    In cost comparison, “what you get” is superior to cheaper rod options.   This one is a solid choice.    In the future I will experiment with their higher end rods.  

Recommendation: The Pro series rods will be a great all-around choice for both salt and freshwater anglers but I believe it should be an extremely popular choice for those who like to throw a lot of topwater lures and spoons.   In the future, these rods will also be integrated into my business- used for all purposes but an exceptional choice for casting and presenting topwater lures.  I did not find a flaw in the design or deficiencies in use. This is a quality piece of fishing equipment that I would use myself every day.

If they listen to me, one change:  The hook keeper.   While it works, the line can go under it during use.    I would recommend a change to a circular hook keeper that is small.    At first I really disliked it until I realize that it bends out.    That made it more useful.   But a complete change would make this rod even better.   

You can go and look at Temple Fork products at a reputable dealer: 

Call ahead to see which models they carry.    I will do more reviews as I use more of their products.    Currently I have fly rods and reels coming.       New spinning rods are on the horizon.    But rest assured, these rods will stay.    They have created a winner.   

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