The Fifth Annual Captain Mel Classic is on May 7, 2016  

This is an all-amateur, all-lure catch/photo/release charity event with the target species of trout and redfish; a bonus species “buy-in” (flounder) with the grand prize in each division based on the longest inches of each angler’s longest redfish and trout.  “The Overall Pool” is a ten dollar buy-in where you compete with anglers in all five divisions.   The event is to honor the late Captain Mel Berman and benefits Suncoast Animal League.  There are five divisions:  Open, No Motor, Fly, Junior and Ladies.   There are prizes and cash payouts for the top finishers.

Entry fees are $30 for all divisions.   The Captain’s Meeting is on May 6 at the Fat Cat Tavern in Largo where anglers will receive their tournament materials.  The judging and awards is also at Fat Cat Tavern and anglers must check in before 2:30PM Saturday May 7 to be eligible to win.   For more information, rules and sponsor information visit and click on “Captain Mel Classic” or call 727-692-6345.

Until the Captain Mel Classic.  The tournament committee is excited and we expect to have as much fun as we have all the other years.   Join in on the action!
To register just hit reply and tell me:
Yes/No on Bonus Species
Yes/No on Overall Pool
As usual:   Sponsor donations are great.    The tide is good.   The weather will hopefully also be great.    The Fat Cat Tavern is a fantastic hosting site.    We will have the awards program there followed by the annual raffle.  The pre-fishing check in with be on Friday the 6th also at the Fat Cat.   You will get your bag of lures and your “assigned number.”  This number needs to be in all of your pictures.
Submitting pictures, you can be in the line at Fat Cat BY 2:30PM on Saturday or you can email them in as you catch the fish.
At check-in you have a unique opportunity.  You can purchase a brand new Mullet color.   The “Greenback” mullet was just produced.   Incorporating the green hornet color in a two tone mullet, this bait is going to catch fish.  This format remains a Mirrolure, 12 Fathom, Joe Jigs format.   You may only use 12 Fathom plastic baits.  You may only use Mirrolure hard body baits.  You may only use Captain Joe jigheads.  You will get some of each.  You can use more of those products but only those specific baits.    Example:   Mirrolure Little Johns and Paul Browns are not tournament lures.
The format of the event remains the same.
Divisional competition
No Motor
Longest Redfish 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Longest Trout 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Longest combined inches trout and redfish 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Bonus Species, Flounder first place, second place
Overall pool
Longest Redfish 1st, 2nd
Longest Trout 1st, 2nd
Longest combined inches trout and redfish 1st, 2nd
Need a little extra help?  Tonight is Kayak Fishing Skool(4/28/2016) at Bill Jackson’s in Pinellas Park.  I will be giving tips on using topwater lures and other info that will be helpful on tournament day.
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