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“I moved to Florida three years ago.     Fishing was part of the appeal.   On a tip from a relative I contacted Neil Taylor with Strike Three Kayak Fishing.     He returned my call in under an hour.    Someone else I called:  I never heard anything back.   Anyway, Neil talked to me about my situation.   He brought up points I had never thought about.    I told him I wanted to utilize his services to get better at fishing right out of the gate.

We set up a date.

Prior to fishing Neil wanted to get on the phone, make sure I knew where I was going and talk a little about what was going to happen that day.   Planning of the trip:  Why we were going where we were going and why we were going to go at the time we set up to meet.    I was impressed.   Literally, I was impressed.   This was thorough, and we had not had our time on the water yet.  

On game day, right away, he had me on fish.   Big fish.   He said “it won’t always be like this.   Your challenge will be to find fish like I can find fish.”   That was a big statement and extremely true.      He brought me down.   Instead of being excited about these fish he made me think about what I was doing.    Why was I catching fish?   Because he had me in the right spot and I was listening to what he told me to do.     His reasoning for the way he brought me down:  To make sure I could do it again when he wasn’t there.   “

The stories:  14 years’ worth of them.   The results, excellent.   What do you want to do?   Have a good day of fishing?  Learn how to do it yourself?     Whatever your goal, I get it done.    My clients go on to win tournaments.    My clients go on to enjoy this great hobby.    

I now have four books published.   Two on fishing.    “Kayak Fishing” is the most instructional kayak fishing book ever written.   What I teach is in the book.    “Fishing Tampa Bay” is more of a species by species what your opportunities are in this region.  

The day on the water:  We talk before.    We can always talk after.    We talk a lot “during.”    No question, people can learn from attending the seminars I do, but nothing replaces what I can do if I have you for a day on the water.   I don’t think everyone understands that.    Members of my own family don’t really understand what it is I do.    I take someone at one level and I put them on another level.    

I host two tournaments a year now.  It was one for nine years before people bugging me got me to start a second one.     My former clients are annual winners of my event.     What I teach:  What it does for your results, it is just a fact.    If you can “become like me” which I believe to be the goal, then you will be much better at fishing.     Not much question.    If I’m in the event, I’m usually going to do very well.     If I chose the right spot, my skills are tough to match.    That is the reason pros aren’t eligible for my tournaments.     If you can become like me, you are going to really enjoy fishing a lot more.   

What to use.   When to use it.   “How to use it.”    My knowledge of “using lures” is upper tier.   I’m All Lures All the Time.   It is the way I do it.  It is what I teach.  

What I charge?  It is a deal.    What you get from it, the best money you ever spent.   Getting fish to eat.  Fighting fish.   Landing fish.    What fish can you eat?    Do you know how to fillet them?  

Want to catch flounder?   I know how to do it.  Want to catch pompano.   I know how to do it.   I know how to do it all.   Fishing changes.    Adapt with the changes.   The more I go, the more I know.  

When I’m dead and gone, there will be people who will talk about it.    I added to peoples’ lives.   Will I add to yours?   It’s up to you.  



Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
Neil Taylor

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