Wanna go fishin’?   No time like the present.  Literally, things are in Full Fall Mode.   The water’s just right.   Air temperatures are just right.    Fish availability is fanastic.    It is a great time to go.

You name it, you can probably catch it right now.

Pompano action:    Still very good and likely will remain that way for at least a few weeks.  We have done very well on 15 to 16 inch fish with a seven pounder caught by Jimmy King of Safety Harbor and the world record fish lost by Shawn Thomas a week earlier.

Redfish action:  Getting better all the time.   You have to intercept.    If you do, be ready for some fantastic action.    This will continue to get better every day that sunlight hours get shorter.    A great population had been in hiding for nearly ten months.  Where did they go?  Noone knows but they are back now, mostly in their normal locations.

Trout:  Wait, just wait.  It’s OK but we are just weeks away from absolutely stunning action.

Drum and cobia:  Possible.    Cobia, less likely, drum are still sucking on bridge barnacles (if that gives you any hint)    Mackerel have been caught nearly every day in all locations.   Bluefish are in and out and it is possible to get into big numbers of four pound blues.

Flounder:   Like redfish, “strong” and lately what I would call “easy.”    The thing “not so easy” about this species?   Finishing the job.   They just have a knack for not being hooked.    The best they have been all year, if flounder is your thing it is time to go.

Kayak Fishing Skool is Thursday October 27 at Bill Jackson’s in Pinellas Park (6:30 to 7:45PM) and the topic is “Wintertime fishing.”   .    This is the final session for the year due to Thanksgiving and Christmas!     I would like to thank everyone who comes out to these.   If attendance was not what it is, I probably wouldn’t have kept this going.     Skool will continue in 2017.    Thanks to Bill Jackson’s, we have a great place for it and an easy chance for me to promote what they sell there.     The new set of topics is posted to the Seminars and Events section of my site.   The store:   Sells nearly everything I use on my charters.   The people:   Invaluable to you making the best decisions when shopping for outdoors equipment.

Call to book a trip if you want to get in on the fun.

As always: Be careful out there!

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If you suspect a wildlife or boating law violation, report it to the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Reward Program: 888-404-FWCC (3922).

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