The transition to spring is complete. Stepping into the water over the weekend, it had that old familiar “warmth” to it long before the sun had even gotten very high in the sky. Things are definitely in the warm weather pattern. Large baitfish have arrived inshore and the scaled sardines will be found on the shallower grassflats in increasing numbers in the days to come. Sadly, it will be summer again in a matter of days. I sure enjoy the cooler months. It seems like our summers go on forever.

Every year the same thing in the spring. The wind blows. It has been blowing for three months. It is a treat to have a day where you aren’t bouncing around. May arriving I expect to see more days with lighter wind. Rain, rain should start back again this month. It will help the fishing but it will also help my yard. The interesting thing about home ownership, you pay more attention to how much water your yard is getting. By June, regular afternoon storms but we should see a mix of morning and afternoon downbursts in the month of May.

Recent trips had a variety of results. Several of the windy days had tougher fishing, especially when expanding the options would have required lengthy paddling into that wind. Honeymoon Island? Don’t go there. Another dismal outing. The people in charge of “sand projects” have ruined the fishing around Caladesi and Honeymoon Island. Sorry, just tired of even trying there. My efforts failed to stop the things they wanted to do. The end result was a changed ecosystem and worse fishing. No way around it: Fishing in N. Pinellas County is off.

Other days had more typical spring conditions and better fishing. Most days have been pretty good really. Some better than other but mostly it has been pretty easy to get on fast action.

Some days average, overall it has been pretty strong. We have had pretty easy fishing for trout all year long. Pompano: Yet to arrive. Any day now. Flounder: A few have arrived but nothing too impressive. The hope: Pompano move in like they did last year. Flounder move in much better than they did last year. It’s strange: Years past flounder are sometimes already in in big numbers. Some years it comes later. It would be nice to have them invade again after a year where they just weren’t very good.

Redfish are an option but just not what they used to be. Things always changing, redfish seem to be in an odd situation going on four complete years now. We have the fish but can you find them?

The Captain Mel Classic is under two weeks away. Trout and redfish the tournament species, it should be interesting to see what comes in on tournament day. To sign up just send me an email, tell me your name, division, yes/no on bonus species, yes/no on the overall pool.

Skool continues to gain steam at the new location. The 8th Avenue Pub in Safety Harbor is the host site, the back porch. Attendees have been increasing all the time. People really like the atmosphere. The next session is May 24 at 6PM. Pompano and Black Drum
As always, be careful out there.

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