The transition to summer is complete.    Memorial Day is the usual unofficial “start of summer” and it probably came just a few days before that.   Into the long haul of summertime, the depressing situation is snook.   I’m amazed how many people celebrate seeing “a lot of snook” that turns out to be a couple dozen fish.   The failure from the start, the state should have said “no photos.”  Snook are not good.  I wasn’t offering them before they froze again in January.   Now, I am set back for many more years.

Snook aside:

The action for the other species is decent.    We have a great fishery.    The ability to get into great action is not difficult.    You just have to learn where to go and when.     More pressure with more people, the fishery is still strong.     Myself and other experts are fine with tighter restrictions.    More fish alive means more opportunity.

Throwing Mirrolure topwater lures has been fruitful especially for big trout.  The 12 Fathom lures are still tricking them as well, like it was with these two fish.   We have had about six trips with more than 30 big trout caught on topwater lures.    Big trout are more easily caught with big noisy topwaters.

Pompano are on the edge of becoming a big topic.   If you go to the right place they are good already.   Where I expect them to spend the summer:  They aren’t there yet.   If you want to try now:    Hit the passes.   Gulf Passes have pompano.    Numbers look good.   They should get into “normal” areas any day now.   The pompano is not only good to eat.   They are just plain fun to catch.     They fight great.

Pompano pick up a lot of the slack when it gets hot.   You are targeting them deeper so they are more cooperative when the fish in the shallows are not.   Gear up:  Do you have Uncle Neil’s Teasers?     Amazing.   I have 17,000 of them.    I am not doing it for a profit thing.     I just continued to keep tying them and got way ahead.     I may retire from teaser tying because based on orders, I may never sell all of these.    If you are interested, let me know.

You rig the teaser with a pompano jig.    You tie the two together in a pretty tight loop knot.    You cast into pompano areas and keep it in contact with the bottom.    90% of the fish will be caught on the teaser.

Another one not to forget.   The Spanish mackerel.    My mackerel dip is famous.   They’re here.    They will be here probably through December.     Target the passes or the Skyway area.     Areas with moving current, move lures fast.   When you’re into them, they are fun.   The best lure?   The pompano jig and the teaser.    I’m amazed more people aren’t buying these teasers from me.    It is like half the fishing world is just completely missing out.   So be it.

June 28 is Kayak Fishing Skool! The topic is: Nighttime Kayak Fishing. As usual, there will be a raffle at the end of the session, brought to you by Strike Three Kayak Fishing sponsors.   To be added to the email database for reports, feature articles and seminar announcements send an email to and request to be added to the list.  The 8th Avenue Pub, 6PM.

Time changes things.   No more facebook.   The Neil Taylor blog is the forums.    Since I started treating it that way site traffic increased 15%

If you want to get on the schedule:  Speak up.

As always: Be careful out there!

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