The Kayak Report


The inshore kayak fishing action has been on a yo-yo.   Frustration: The winds and frequent fronts tarnished what could have been a mild and enjoyable winter.     Nonetheless, there are fish to be caught.   The ninth Annual Captain Mel Classic is under two months away.  Get in on the fun.   A $30 entry fee, you could win $700 or more in cash and prizes.   That has happened most years.   Five divisions.   Will you be a winner??

Out on the water, things have been so very good then very bad that it has been difficult to figure out what is going on some of the time.   When things are good, they are really good.   Redfish and speckled trout are the best options.   The oddity in feeding behavior: When the fish can be located and when they will eat.   For redfish, that is not anything new but the behavior of speckled trout, particularly in areas where they would normally be so easy to target is something that is keeping people up nights.  Redfish are quite simply:  Off.   We don’t have the numbers anymore.    In the past I could count on getting people hooked up to multiple redfish.    Now it is unusual to even hook a single one.    With time and proper decision making, things could return to at least close to normal.   

The schedule has been solid.   The trips:  Some good.   Some not as good.   Honestly, ladyfish have saved the day multiple times.    They are easy.   They are large.   March has come and gone and one thing that did not happen that happened every other March in the past:  We did not hook any cobia this year.  The weather may have affected that but I am sure that they have been around.    Perhaps the month for cobia action will be April this year.    The mackerel have made their way in and are now a solid target around the Skyway area.

The trout still like the 12 Fathom SlamR.   Redfish are just simply not that great.    There are a few around but the species is in a struggle.   Snook are in a struggle.     Management decisions need to be smarter.    We need to take care of our resources better.   Mentioned above:  There may be some progress being made.  

The perfect mix of water to air temperature, the opportunities should become outstanding for most of the month of April.   Pompano action is available but not in the summertime locations.   That could change at any time.   No question:  They are in the passes.     Good sized ones have been caught in the Gulf passes.    Areas where they will be in another three weeks:  They just aren’t in there yet.  

April 25 is Kayak Fishing Skool!   If you have someone who is interested in kayak fishing, this is the annual session will be a lot about trout and redfish and flounder, the three tournament species.        I get the grill going.   The “regulars” are good fishermen and people you will enjoy meeting.   

There are openings in the schedule and I would be happy to get your outing scheduled!  

As always: Be careful out there!

Neil Taylor
(Cell) 727-692-6345