“Paddling in the wind” best describes the month of November.    Sweat soaked shirts from a month with record heat nearly every day:  The fishing action, as predicted, exploded when we finally had a little bit of a cooldown.    I think it is still too warm but that will certainly change at some point because now we are into December.  Days with no wind should be more common.

The time has come to fish the negative low tides of winter.    My trips, the biggest trout will be caught on the incoming tides following the negative lows.  

The flounder action just hasn’t been great.      The pompano action:  Never happened for the second straight year.  

Redfish action has been getting better.  Also, isn’t great.   Things are not what they used to be.   Honestly I have done a lot of my trips in locations where there just aren’t that many of them.   That will all change this month.  

The trout action has been excellent.  The big trout of winter are in.   We used topwater lures and the 12 Fathom SlamR to catch a lot of trout in the 16 to 24” range.    The trout hit winter mode several weeks ago.   They fight harder and the bigger fish are easier to find and to get to eat the lures.   Trout are easily the best option to find steady action. 

OK so silver trout and whiting?  They’re in.    Last report I said “it is too early.”   Not a primary target, these are out there for those who like to have a lot of fish to eat.   I used the Silly Willy/Teaser rig to catch about 40 silver trout in an hour on one of my off days.    They eat any color teaser.   The jig sinks it down to them and 80% of the fish eat the teaser.     The silver and gold teaser has been best for whiting.   Any color for silver trout.   Basins:    Troughs with depth are silver trout spots.  

Sheepshead, a seasonal target, are in the arena now.   Bluefish are going to be caught almost daily.  

Drum on the bridges:  Not until late spring.

December is a great month to go.    Whatever you want, it is a time to try for them.  Morning trips have been good.   This month, an afternoon opportunity will exist.

As always: Be careful out there!

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Poachers are common thieves.    See a poacher, report a poacher!

If you suspect a wildlife or boating law violation, report it to the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Reward Program: 888-404-FWCC (3922).

Cell phone users can reach us at *FWC or #FWC, depending on your service provider.

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Supply as much detailed information such as the location of the offender, the boat description, number of people on board, clothing, vehicle information and give the dispatcher your phone number.      Do this discreetly.   You do not want to have direct contact with these people.

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