Things are heating up.  The fishing was already HOT but air temperatures will be next.   Some days it’s already feeling like “summer” by 8:30 AM.     The inshore flats are loaded with a variety of baitfish species.   This has brought in some interesting characters: Cobia and tarpon have been seen on almost a daily basis.   Hard crashing jacks, mackerel and ladyfish are marauding the outside of flats or the Passes

A very predictable “strong” bite the last two months has bounced around the past ten days sometimes just flat out “fair” to “slow” on certain days.   The feeding will then accelerate back to a “off the charts” again with no identifiable reason.

We are still dodging red tide.  It is in the water.  It isn’t killing stuff.    Pinellas and Manatee County listed the past five reports,that means it is in front of Tampa Bay.    The summertime rains forecast to start this week, will runoff make it better?   Or worse?     We don’t need a harmful algae bloom.  Snook remain imperiled.    We don’t need a fish kill.    We need many more years of growth in many areas.  Snook keep getting crushed by the bad decision to reopen to harvest.   The stories people are telling about that are just nightmarish.

The return of the flounder:   No question we wait for it every year.  They leave our waters for a few months.    They come back, sometimes in very early spring, sometimes closer to summer.    This year, they came back in the middle of March but the bigger fish are just now arriving.   Jake got a 22 incher last week.   We have regularly caught fat fish when we have put in our time looking for them.      Some locations that usually have them just don’t.

Trout, trout and more trout.  We have had easy action for very nice fish all month long.    It hit peak a little later than in most years.     The big trout have been the best option the past week.    We had days where there were dozens of 19 inch “plus” fish were caught.   These are BIG fish and easy to catch.  “If” you know where to go.   The “where” is definitely interesting.   We caught fish in locations I never really found them before.

Things are great right now.  Choices abound:   Bridge trips?  The shallows?   We can do them both.   Great hopes that red tide disappears and that we have a fun summer of great action!

May 21  Tampa Bay Times Boat Show, Florida State Fairgrounds Tampa

3PM topic:    Beginners to fishing Tampa Bay

4PM topic:    Kayak Fishing


May 26   Kayak Fishing Skool
6:30 to 7:45PM Bill Jackson Shop for Adventure (Pinellas Park)
Going Deep:   Safety in deep water/high current fishing trips


Call to get on the schedule!   The action’s great.

As always: Be careful out there!

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