I spent my time in northern Arizona that my father loved.    I had that time to think about him.   I drove those roads and I thought about how he went down a lot of them more than I have.      It snowed.   That ended the Arizona experiment.    I tried it.   I actually thought it would work better.   Overall, it just didn’t work.   One of the things that should have been the best:  Betrayal.    I was insulted.    Kept out of that loop for a long time now:  I have simply moved on.   Just like I left Arizona.   I left people who didn’t respect me.    So it goes.   

Texas has been great.    Amazing, I haven’t been fishing yet.   I made the right choice.   I am back where I was born.   Florida is in the past.    Arizona is in the past.    In hindsight, had I known what would be a failure, I would have stayed in Florida just a while longer before I left.    It would have made sense in a lot of ways.    But, I needed to be out of there.  

 I’m in this retirement mode.   I’ll get back to it.   In time.   I’m just enjoying “doing nothing” for a while.

The final edits for Book 5:  The Neil Taylor Story are being done right now.     It does not publish “until it’s time.”    My publishing company says it’s headed for the Best Seller category.  It has only been seen by five people.   A small select five.    I was surprised they didn’t suggest one particular edit.    This book will be large in multiple ways.   It does not publish until life changes.

Republishing:   The Professional Baseball Umpire.   I have done more work on it, as things come back to me.   But it is mostly the same if you already have it.  

Vin Scully.   His death, one of the biggest for umpires.   I never met him.    But he was well liked.   He treated people good.  The year of death.    Bill Russell.   Incredible career.   One of the best to ever touch a basketball.    Olivia Newton John.    I had a crush on her back in the day.   Tony Dow:   “Wally” from Leave it to Beaver.    Peter Bogdanovich.   Gilbert Gottfried.   James Caan.   Ray Liotta.   Sidney Pointier.   Howard Hesseman.   Naomi Judd.     Sally Kellerman.   TC from Magnum PI.   Ivan Reitman of “Animal House” fame.   Paul Sorvino.    I didn’t know any of them.    I believe sadness belongs to people who actually knew them.   

Very soon I’m training umpires.  

Woman basketball player sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison.     Same Woman who won’t stand for the national anthem.     Is there Karma?   

A year ago, I escaped the heat.    I was working the property.  Rocks delivered.    Work.  60 degrees.   It was an enjoyable summer.   It was the snow.   I am not built for snow.   Texas:  No more sneezing.    Odd.   I was sneezing like crazy in Arizona.  Not so in Texas.

Four and a half years without Dad:   I’m still adjusting to it.    Mom is OK with it.    I’m OK with it, it just leaves this gap.

The bar:  New friends ever time I go in.

Every day goes by and we’re all closer to it.     You have to hope that people are happy with what they did in their lives. 

The fishing:  It’s off right now.   When Fall arrives it will get really good.   It is how Florida used to be.   The reports from Florida are still not good.   They are dodging red tide this year.  But things are “off”.   

The fridge stacked with food:  I’m enjoying having a kitchen and a regular life.   Kind of amazing:  I didn’t have a toaster.   I’ve remedied that.  For that seven months, it wasn’t possible.   It was an experience but it’s good that it’s an experience that is over.   For now, the apartment works.    Later:  I will get a house.  This is research time.   Port Mansfield?  Rockport?   The surrounding areas?   I need to keep looking around.    Port Mansfield has been in the lead for a while.    Very small town.  Excellent fishing.   I have time.  Deer walking down the streets.    Closest town, 20 miles.    It is in the lead.    It will still be small town after I’m dead and gone.   I believe that’s what I’m looking for. 

Reading the past:  I used to write really long blogs.  Way longer than the last 20 I’ve done.    Can I go back to being that guy?    I think I just care less about stuff.   Today, Scott Peterson trying to get a new trial.   If he gets one and he gets set free:   I quit. 

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