Lengthy time between entries.   I guess I just haven’t had that much to say.    American politics?   No thanks.  

The news in the baseball world:  Umpires leaving games because of abuse.   OK.    The abuse parents give umpires is too bad.   But toughen up.   To not finish your job and deal with it, it’s not right.    No winners.   Especially not the kids who don’t finish games because the umpire left.    I umpired longer than I have been a fishing guide.     I endured more than these guys did.    I never walked off a field.   Are we just a weaker society?   I’m not sure I understand.   

Also in the baseball world:  Cheaters.    AJ Hinch was one of my guys.    I’d like to hear his side of the story.   Did he really do what they said he did??

Add a new letter to the alphabet?   We need smarter people than me in this world.

The fishing:   Getting back to “the usual”, I can’t believe how long my slow season was.     Better situation now, it’s better but still not “there” yet.   Things will come back.   They always do.   We had big fish on two trips:  Thanksgiving and two days later.    Two days later, the bluefish were there.    Big bluefish.   The biggest I have seen on this coast.   Huge trout in one location.   Everywhere else:  Nothing special.    Silver trout, bad.    It’s January.  They should be easy.  

Changes to trout rules.   Announced this week.   Basically:  From four fish to three.   The slot, dropped an inch to 19.    So, one over 19 can be kept.   My involvement on the internet:  I don’t know why I even try.    A guy said he was against the big ones being released.    He is apparently a guide.    Not sure I understand the argument.  The rule is the same it was before, just the slot changed and how many you can keep have changed.    If you have your trout why don’t you be like me and move on to other species??

As usual, they didn’t listen.   We all pushed for one rule statewide.   Trout can be managed that way.    The rules, do they really mean much anyway with no enforcement out there???  The governor:   A failure.   He hasn’t answered to any of us.

“Closed” until May we won’t see the full benefits of the closure.   Too many people didn’t get the memo.   Or, they are ignoring it.     Redfish:  The best I have seen in six year.   Yet, still, not what I would like it to be.    Will it all come back?    Keep stuff closed and see what happens.    My attempts have fallen on deaf ears.   But, I keep trying.   Maybe persistence pays off.  

Alas, people don’t do it the way I do.     I also commented on a “trash fish” topic.   A guy got on me for killing catfish.    I’m defying God he says.   Well, I don’t feel bad about what I have done.    It is a fish.   I go by the rules.    Not sure why I have to be deemed a bad guy.    You want 80 billion catfish, good for you.   I’m going to kill the ones I catch.    I will continue to throw them in the bushes at the end of a trip.    So, apparently, I might be going to hell for doing it.   I’m told I’m wrong and I don’t know how the world works.   Well, maybe.    I ended with:   It has worked for me. My pompano hole has a lot fewer catfish in it, which is a good thing.

Shootings.   Why are there so many shootings?   How can we have radical Islam idiots shooting up military facilities??   

Part of the general stupidity of people.    What you see on the roads is alarming.    I saw a woman cause an accident trying to jam into traffic.   While talking on her phone.    I pulled over and waited.    The cops got there and eventually one of them came over to me.   Second time I have done this in a year.    “I am a witness.”   The guy asked what I saw.     An idiot.   I told him about the woman obviously talking on her phone and not doing the right thing, causing a pileup.   The deputy said “That’s great input.”   I gave him my card and suddenly he knew who I was.    He called later to thank me:   “You made that one easy.   She’s fined huge.”   

Kids walking by all day.   One girl, glued to her phone.   Every time, the entire time.   Seriously, what is so important you can’t get to where you are going and then look at your phone??

OK.   American politics.   I’ll weigh in.    Impeaching a president that didn’t do anything.   That shouldn’t go on much longer.      Never seen someone so disliked.     I believe the job he’s done, the fact that he got elected:  He’s reelected.    My opinion.   I think it would be good for the country.   The market is booming.   The guy knows business.   I like having someone in there who knows business.    I’m tired of the whiners.  
“I don’t like him” doesn’t work for me.   Seriously:   Don’t they have other things to do??   How are these people getting votes?  Impeach the president.   That might help your chances in 2020?     I’m voting for him.   Again.    They have to invent reasons to impeach, he gets my vote.   A non-politician, he was in good shape before it all started.   After what they are trying:  He is my guy.     I feel that he got elected, the job he has done, he’s reelected.     Maybe I’m wrong.   I don’t care either way.   Maybe they will elect another Obama?      It matters to me not.    I guess I just wish my father got to see it.    The hatred in this world is fascinating.  

I guess it pays to not be too involved.   Time “person of the year.”   I try not to judge but I see a young girl who isn’t attractive at all.   Whatever.    Sports Illustrated?   Who is in charge of these publications?  

Some people read my stuff.   Three people stopped at the house just to buy my books in the last two days.   All three said they read everything I publish.   Then demonstrated it by talking about various things I have written.   

2019 is done.   2020 hopefully has some more improvements.      

Book #5 is being worked on.   This one publishes in the distant future.    A teaser:  It will be called “An American, The Neil Taylor story”.  

Neil Taylor

Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed www.capmel.com and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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