The Neil Blog continues.What is new in the life of Neil?   A screwed up computer to start with.   Hard to get things done right now.    Just got a new laptop to replace this one.   Some redundancy I did not correct.    This one:   News.   Big news to some.  

So, I’m leaving Arizona.   Texas for a couple of days and then east to Florida.   No doubt, the return to Arizona, the house will be sold.    The Arizona experiment didn’t work.   It had problems from the start.    Snow:   It’s not for me.   No question, not interested.    I will be a fishing guide again for a while.  I do not want to be in Arizona.   The Arizona experiment failed. Start to finish:  A catastrophe really.   I did the work to get this project off the training wheels.    I just came to the decision, this is not the life for me.   

My first power bill:   High.   Just a few days, $ 63?  What’s it going to be for a full month?   Second one was not bad.  

The big thing to be seen, will I have problems with my eyes like I did when I lived here before?   A move:   Not going to be an issue.   I will be near the water again.   

“Watch for Rocks.”    “Watch for Animals.”     OK.    Self explanatory rules?   I finally saw some of these rocks.   

The house has been delivered.   The bad news:  I got snowed out of there the same day.  

Arizona fails:  Rest areas and passing lanes.   Leaving:   It doesn’t matter to me anymore.  

Time in Scottsdale:  The Cotters, for my birthday.   Mrs. Cotter.   Tom and Neil.   Very good time with them.   Mr. Cotter checked out a few years ago.  

Litchfield:  My mothers bouganvillas, gone.  

Other wins:   John Buttemiller.

From five years ago:  My friend called an hour ago.  He lost his job he has had for over 20 years.    Crushed.    I listened for a long time.   Then I talked.   At the end he said “This is why I called you instead of anyone else.”    I wouldn’t have lasted that long where he is. He played their game successfully.   I cannot tell you most of what I said because of the language.  To paraphrase without the language, he’ll do great somewhere else and be away from those people.

The power of prayer is “knee mail.”

Driving the area.    There is Karen Hendricks curve.     Her death ruined the start of senior year.

UNKLE Neil’s thought for the day :  2/3 of all statistics  are just made up

Around the south end of Litchfield,  when I was a kid that fence was wood.    Rode my bike in the early days.    Retraced most of that.  Looked around and looked around.    The old times came back.   So much has changed.

Coffee at Dad’s final resting place.    It isn’t enough to just drive his roads.   I had to go see the old man.   Smoke a cigar with him.    Down some coffee.  Did sunset with him as well.  

One thing that hasn’t changed, “The Rec.”

Pete’s little brother,  “you umpires my games”.   Also at the bat, Renae’s little brother. 

Back in Greet, mentioned in the last Blog, killing the water coming onto the road.    Dad liked it.   Got that fixed for everyone else because, I’m out.  

I’m sorry that you’re mentally ill. 

Past not passed.  Come on.     The English language 

All the things I don’t say. There’s a bunch.    But a lot of the people read this.    I don’t rock the boat much anymore.     I try to be tolerant.     But, I shake my head sometimes. 

I split from Greer a few times.   Got cold enough, I left. Tucson and Litchfield Park.   Good times in Litchfield.   I saw Charlile Kimes on my way into town.   Stayed with Steve Gladhart.    Posted on the internet that I would be at the bar that used to be Mayfair Market.   The right guy saw it and baseball teammates showed up.     Pete Martin and Jason Albrand.   Renae’s little brother.    He was a baby back when I was around his sister.  

Tucson, tourning the University of Arizona.    The Harvill building:   I must have had 30 classes in that building

Snow forecast for Greer.   It’s time.   

Price of gasoline?   Never mentioned it before.   I have never seen it this high.   Ever.

Be careful asking my opinion.

Having power:  Light to read.  Read old books.   Read “Skyway”, the life of the man who knocked down the bridge.   It was enlightening.    The whole story, start to finish.    He died of MS a long time ago.    He suffered for that day.    Guilt.   

More reading to come:   A new baseball book.     A whole new stack of books donated.  

Suicidal thoughts or actions.   Abnormal bleeding?   I did  a little looking.  It could be worse (but what is normal bleeding?  Just curious.      ” Symptoms include: redness, itching, or swelling of the penis; rash of the penis; foul-smelling discharge from the penis; or pain in the skin around penis.”       This is also an eye-opener:  “Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription medications you are taking to relieve you of the side effects of other prescription medications you are taking.”    And  “Caution: Happy Fun Ball may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. 

Happy Fun Ball Contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. 

Do not use Happy Fun Ball on concrete. ”    Dammit.

Black Friday is racist

I am starting a movement. Fishing guide lives matter

10 years ago:  Oba Chandler is dead:  Not disappointed here.   I think about that creepy son of a bee sting every time I drive across the Bay.    I wonder how he’s liking his first 57 minutes in Hell?

Uncle Neil’s Thought For the Day:  You make my Facebook experience worth the subscription cost!

So, I’m out of here.    Catch you somewhere East.  

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