Time rolls on.    Information for Blogs just rolls in, over and over.    My crusade:   Changing a busted system.   My results:   Not what I would have hoped.    The successes are just not enough.   People are lazy.   All these people that should care, they can’t even take ten minutes to write a letter?     It’s pathetic.   The people who have:  What great efforts.     Sizable.

Screwed up:  Trump should go to Ford’s Theatre tonight.    Nice.   

I have never seen a UFO.

An ex-girlfriend stopped by.   “I think I still love you.”   I said, “but you didn’t love me back then.”  I’m so confused.  

I tried watching the news.   I couldn’t take it.    I figured I’m better avoiding the news now.    The politics.  The stories.    Dreadful.

I have decided to go back to fishing.    I took a good long break.   There are people that want to go.   I have to change everything up.   What normally works in late June:  It’s not.   I have to break away from it.   

Chick soccer players won’t stand for the national anthem.      Forced to stand.   Stand.    I have to figure out if I still root for them to lose.   Tough one. 

Father, angry over cheesecake, kills five year old son.   Pretty hungry.       

Worst movie moment in history:   The Doc crosses the foul line to help a kid and can’t go back to play ball with the other guys in the Iowa cornfield.  

Best moment in movie history:   When Andy Dufrain reaches the end of the tunnel in escape.

Best moment in my history.   Every time I talked to my father.

Worst moment in my history.  It hasn’t happened yet but I’m ready.   

It’s back to fishing.    The break was a good idea.   I hated not catching fish.   Now, better decisions hopefully we will have better results but there are still problems.    What should be happening isn’t.   People who are going to the right spots are finding opportunities.   I haven’t scouted as well as I did in the past but my guesswork should lead to success.    My plan, get away from Tampa Bay.   First trip actually, at the mouth of Tampa Bay.   We’ll see what happens.   

Voting rights for felons.   Hard to watch TV anymore.

My input.   “I am a fishing guide in Clearwater.  A major proponent of protection of our resources.    Working hard to get this governor to the table with me to change the system.    Saw on the news you wanted public input on algae.

Mine may be an idea you haven’t heard of before.   I believe it is worth consideration.     Get hotels to help finance it.   They have the money and they don’t want Red Tide anymore. 

Take ships and put industrial ice makers on them.     Pump ice into the water where blooms are the worst.    See if a slush of ice kills the algae.    

Another guy I know proposed “chalk” and cites situations where chalk made waters pristine.    Now, it would be up to you and scientists to decide if it is more harmful than good.    

Those are the two ideas I have.

Try something.   Other than continuing the policy of eliminating nitrogen runoff, some action could help, you just have to figure out which one.  “

Time rolls on.   It is good to be back to fishing.   I like being out there than anywhere else.   Algae blooms and tough conditions may be an issue for three more months.   I look forward to the advance of winter.