Living my new life in Texas.   Alone.   Keeping to myself:   I haven’t had anything to say.

The Neil Blog, the latest edition:   Continuation of Texas life.  Fewer responses this last one.     But lots of evidence people are reading it.   It is kind of a “keep you up to date” thing.   In just weeks I will have been in Texas as long as I was in Greer.   I have been remiss on posting the blog lately.   Living life, I just haven’t had the computer on.  Back to publishing:  The blog goes up.   The next article, Neil the conservationist.   Comments on the state of Florida.   My wins.    My misses.  

Arizona:  I don’t miss it.    I had my bit of time with my memories of my father.   I had a project.   I was successful.   The snow chased me out.    I didn’t want to be there anymore.   Reading the comments from one year ago.   Got the chainsaw there and took down 20 trees.   Gravel on order.  

Rockport, Texas is better.   It blows Florida away.     It’s way better than Arizona.    Every day things continue to get even better.    In less time, I’m better known in Rockport than Arizona.   I left Arizona.     I don’t sneeze anymore.   I make more friends every time out and about.    It is good here.

I will be training umpires next.   I will be back to fishing soon.   The fishing is better here than Florida.  I am learning Texas.    I have not been getting out to do it.    The van is on it’s fourth month with the same tank of gas.      I will get more active eventually.     I am laying low after the massive driving I did in Arizona.     No hurry.

Leaving Florida, Arizona had mountains.     The mountains I grew up with.      This part of Texas, no mountains.  People say it’s hot here. This isn’t hot. Phoenix and Tucson were hot. Florida was hot. Is it the wind? Stay in the shade and it’s very comfortable. And, it’s almost August. The heat of summer will soon be in the past.

Spam calls better since a charge Sprint to Spectrum.    I still get 30 a day but the phone doesn’t ring.     So, how are they getting my number?    Why does it happen to begin with?   And add.    Annoying.     I delete them.    I report them.    I don’t want to see them.    Spam calls and ads, I  just hate them.   Why??

Fishing will return.  Laziness?   Kind of.    I’m easing into everything.    I’m liking what I have started here.   Training umpires.    Hanging out at home mostly.   Plans for buying a house building.    Everything is good.  

Don’t mess with Texas.    There’s trash all over?     I thought Texas was supposed to be a clean state.

I’m in to hanging out with my friends.    I’m in to learning the town.     I’m trying to stay in touch with those from the past.    Successfully, partly.   Having a hard time doing anything on here.    Posted on new fishing article.   Way behind on the blog.    Just not that interested in hitting the power button and being on here. 

There are some negatives.   Small and just here and there.   Mostly, it’s boring and I’m alone.   Six months and I have had NO ONE come see me.     A head scratcher because the fishing is better here.

Florida I don’t miss.     I did like that house but I was willing to leave that behind.   I’m better where I am.  

A glimpse back-  One year ago I made it to Greer.    I was in negotiations for the property while staying on top of the hill (the road to Big Lake, about three miles west of Greer).    Making an offer that will go through, I will soon be at work.   Very rough property, I have a lot to do.  The drives:  My father’s roads.    Greer to Phoenix.   Greer to Tucson.    Areas that looked like minature Grand Canyons.    Gorges.    In my past.     I have no interest in going back anytime soon.    I got around.    I saw who I needed to see.     I moved on.     The Florida people know it.   The more intelligent Arizona people know it-    I was done in Florida and I don’t belong in Arizona. 

Texas:   So nice to have a kitchen.   A shower.    A regular life.    Salt water four blocks away, the fishing is better here than Florida.    Something I haven’t gotten back in to yet, it’s coming. 

A new life:  Onward and upward.   I am pleased with my decisions.   I’m happy with where I am.    Lots coming up that is great.    I will be buying a house eventually.   For now, living cheap and enjoying my life in Rockport, Texas.

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