The Neil Taylor story continues.   A nightmare:  Getting power.     Nothing came easy.   But it finally happened.    I don’t get it.   Didn’t they want me as a paying customer sooner?   Four days later, the first bill.   It is going to cost.  

I still have to look at the world in wonder.   I’d say most people just don’t pay attention to what they do.   What they write.   It’s almost maddening.   Use of the English language, a long time thing of mine:    I feel like some people just shouldn’t be writing if they can’t get it right.    I guess I have to give them credit for at least trying out the English language?  

And, shouldn’t it be in English?   Not a huge deal but we are in America.   It should be in English.     Don’t ask me how I am if you don’t really care.    Your other issues:   I can’t help you with.   I’m sorry you struggle with simple tasks.    But, leave me out of it.  

Ordering groceries online, I have enough to eat for three winters.    It is nice, just drive up and they bring it out.    Cases of water.    Anything they have you order, thrown in your vehicle.    Discounts on the first two orders.   They offer delivery but I’m fine with the drive up service.   

The sun:  Good in Arizona.   Bad in Florida.    I count on the sun for warmth.    Only one day a year you have that in Florida.  

And finally, cotton fields.  It is not green in Arizona anymore.   The rain was months ago and it’s over.   So happy to get out of Florida, the only thing I miss is the rain.    It just doesn’t happen here.     It’s dry and it will mostly be dry.    I watch the news and Florida gets another five inches of rain.     That’s how much they get here total for the summer.  

The altercation:   A man, not handicapped, parking in handicap spot.    It got a little heated.   Tip:   Don’t ever, ever put your finger in my chest.    Unless you don’t value your finger, I suppose.  

Don’t versus doesn’t.

Regularly, a plane going overhead.   He doesn’t have any idea I’m here.  

Lily’s main project:   Sealing the creek.   There has been water on the road for years.   It’s dry now.    Buckets of rock from my yard.    The final step, buckets of sand from Becker Lake.    It’s done.   Ben worked hard while we did that.   He got the chainsaw going.    Seven more trees, gone and delivery of the house will be that much easier.  Ben walked down the hill a ways and took out some dead trees, improving the view.    There are still some trees that need to be cut down to firewood size.   Lily made a great dinner.    I wish I had them for another day. They did very good work  

How will my eyes do in Arizona?    It is an issue.    If it is the same as it was 30 years ago, I won’t be staying.   At this point, I can sell for a hefty profit if that’s the case.    So far so good.    I’ve only had a couple of times where I wasn’t happy with my eyes.  

Delivery of the house?   Three weeks ago I was told “three weeks.”    Two days ago I was told “three weeks.”    No snow in the forecast, I just want it done so I can get to unpacking.   Mike still missing in action.   Hopefully he’s around again when it’s all done.  

University of Arizona finally wins a game.   1 and 8, last place in the Pac 10 (the Pac 10 has 12 teams now).     My trip to Tucson, I went to all the old haunts.    One win, then another loss.    The basketball team has started out good.   They won by over fifty points last night

Big Lake, a 16 mile drive,   Crescent is 14 miles    I go there occasionally.   It’s the biggest blast to the past there is for me.    Dad took me to Crescent Lake when I was three years old.   My father, brothers and me.   Mom sat in the car usually.   40 years later, it’s just not the same.   I tried to get Jim fish at Big Lake.   Sunrise.    The wind was blowing.   It was cold.   I caught two really small trout and then I packed it in, got in the van with the heater running and headed south.   South for some warmth at night while I kill time for my building to arrive.  

The Greer lakes are funny.   The water level is going up every day.   The fishing:   Decent one day, not very good for two days.   It’s odd.   It’s the weekend and there’s no one there.  

The World Series.   I don’t really pay that much attention.   I just don’t.   I was a Braves fan 30 years ago.   Now, I have equal contempt for all teams.   Atlanta winning it all wasn’t bad.

Other sports:   Hockey is the only one I follow and going Florida to Arizona, it is much harder to follow the Tampa Bay Lightning than it was.    So it goes. I no longer run a football pool so honestly, I’m not following it that closely.    I never did really care but now it’s “more than ever.”    I want my house, my stove and my TV and then I am ready for winter.   

Moving forward, more of the same.    If it starts out a miserable winter, I might head east.   That is still a possibility.  

The beard is gone.   My mother objected to it so I got rid of it. Ready for the water hookup.   I’d like the shaving capabilities better than they are.    A lot of people liked the beard, which comes in all grey now. 

The Phoenix part of the trip, drinks with Steve Gladhart.   Discussions on the future.   He might have a building on my property someday.    He might come up at Thanksgiving.    Possible.

I’m still stuck on “my father’s roads.”    I think about him as I drive my home roads.   Molly’s was closed for ten days.   Reopened, I have my hangout back.   Still cheaper to just sit at home, it’s good to consort with the locals.  

The weather, decent, leaving to come down south got me out of the cold overnights for a few days.   Warms back up overnight for four days then it gets really cold.   This wait for the building is getting frustrating.   Get me my building.   Let me start my life.  

Getting a pure shower, like gold.   I got a pump for hot water which may be my shower to start.    I need it for doing dishes.    I need the toilet hookup.   It’s all planned. It just needs to get done.    I’m getting closer.  

The mountains are scenery while driving.    Big rock formations.   Something to look at.    Some I saw 30 years ago.  Some of it is new.   

There is always something coming up:   Arizona’s quarterback is from Litchfield.    A last name that means nothing to me.

Litchfield:  I went again.   I did the tour again.   I visited Dad.    There was more fishing to watch in Litchfield than there is in Greer.    My childhood.    I don’t linger there.   Evidence of how much better my life got when I left there.  I did not run into anyone I knew.    If not for Steve Gladhart I wouldn’t have seen anyone I know.    The old house, here, fenced in.   The citrus trees are still back there.   You can’t see in but I hear there is a pool.   

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