Kid charged with assault for hitting another kid with a dodgeball.    OK.

The fishing:   Pompano were good for three weeks, then two bad trips.    What happened?

When to tell people.  When to keep quiet?   Just, put it in the Blog.   Maybe they won’t read it anyway.     If you tie good knots, the line breaking is a technique error.    You never pull to breaking strength.   Your drag handles the fish’ runs.    You get the line back.   Running out of line, a possibility, hasn’t happened to me in 19 years and I use light tackle.     Pull hard when the fish is going the other way:  That’s your fault.    Play it right, you catch every fish.   I do.

Man arrested for crime 34 years ago.    What took so long?

Cropping a photo:  I can’t do it anymore.   I finally deleted this thing.   Ten years ago, so easy.   Now, four programs to choose from and none of them allows me to do what I want.   Why?

The lies told in this world are interesting.   I won’t list them.    Better to concentrate on other things.    But, the world is full of liars.     The lies I have told in life:   Reasons behind them.    I stand behind every one of them.   Never for profit or other gains.    My lies were usually to protect someone.    Sorry, I might be a better person than you are.  

One state, then Florida:  Ban cat declawing.   We had a cat.   It was declawed.    It never complained.     When are we going too far?   Or is this the right thing to do?   I don’t know.   I just don’t know.

There are a few good fish being caught.   But I can look back at my photos:  Things are not what they used to be.   Instead of catching ten fish like that, it’s one or if you are lucky:  Two.    Progress?  Not really.   I have a new avenue.   I will drive it.   My efforts are for what’s best.    If I fail, I expect to sell out and move somewhere to fish out my days where they take care of their stuff.   Florida isn’t doing it.  

Book #4, not yet to full editing.   I am still adding to it.   Example:  I didn’t have anything in there about brawls.   That went in today.    It is basically complete.   The baseball people will enjoy it.   Book sales haven’t been what I expected.    I mean, look at Book #2:   There are like 20 people that have their picture in it and they haven’t bought it.   Book #3, the humor book:  Sales decent but I figured they would be triple what they have been.    People just don’t care about what I write I guess.    It is kind of disappointing.     Book #5 is way down the road.   Can’t publish until life changes.    That one might be the one that gets picked up nationally.    Or maybe it won’t sell either.  

Damned if the world isn’t fair.    My friend Aaron, 47 years old.   Shared with me two months ago:  He had pancreatic cancer.     Talked to him almost daily.   Flew a mutual friend out to see him.   I was getting ready to go see him.   I waited too late.    His father, pretty with it.    A realist like me.    He thanked me for having the conversations I did with Aaron (so he didn’t have to).    His wife, I introduced them after I’d been out with her a few times.    I haven’t talked with her at length yet.   She tried but cracked up and she had to hang up.     The guy went from the healthiest guy I knew to dead in two short months.     Third time in three years that someone has fallen to this kind of cancer.   It is not the one to get.     It could happen to anyone at any time.   I’m still amazed with how many things can go wrong that any of us live very long.  

It’s that time of year.   Tropical system, 30% chance of developing.   If it does, it’s headed in our general direction.   Could be nothing.   Could turn into something.   It’s still early.   Beginning of September is the time to buy water and batteries.    New house:  No storms to worry about last year.    Pretty much plan on securing things and leaving for a big storm.    In the future, a first rate generator and I’ll stay.    New air conditioner, if I get that generator, without power I can enjoy cool air, have the refrigerator going.     Just for the price of the gasoline to run the generator.   They actually dropped chances of development which tells me it is worth watching closer.  

I’m announcing that I will not run for president in 2024.    Not for Senate either.   Not talking about Bernie Sanders this time.   Not talking about Occasio Cortez (I don’t think I have before, but I’ve been making fun of her incessantly on the internet).     I’m fine with our president.   So many people aren’t but I like a non-politician in the position and I like a businessman to boot.     He might not be my kind of guy ultimately but I’m fine with him doing the job for now.    I’m amazed at the hatred.    I’ve looked.   I’ve considered the arguments.   I don’t see it.   The guy is genuine.   How can you have hatred for someone doing that job who is genuine??

Politics is a funny one.   It has ruined it for some people.   Politics are more important than people.   Passionate about it is fine but how you use it is what interests me.    You want to insult anyone who doesn’t share your views:  You deserve to lose friends.  Honestly, I like the person who I don’t know what their politics are.    But I have a lot of friends, I know what their politics are but they don’t force it on me.    They, like me, are fine with not having it be part of their daily lives.    I don’t care if I never talk politics again.     You go do that on your own.   I’m out.  

Back to fishing:   Pompano need to get just a little better and I’ll be out there six days a week.   It’s funny, they got bigger but we just aren’t into them like 2017 and 2018.    It was getting closer but never got “great.”   Will it happen?  Time will tell.

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Full time kayak fishing guide, Neil was an advocate for conservation since before the time he started guiding.Outdoor writer, speaker and radio show host, Neil connected closely with Captain Mel Berman and did many positives with Mel to promote ethical angling. After Mel passed away, Neil managed and eventually became that web site’s owner.
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