Paul Brown Lure


Tackle Review:

by C.A. Richardson on February 21, 2011

In 1974 legendary Texas lure maker Paul Brown designed one of the best big sea trout lures ever made and called it the “Corky” … it’s now known as the Paul Brown “Original” today. This unique lure is actually a hybrid between a hard plug and a soft plastic. The organic looking lure features a torpedo-like profile, an oversized eye, a subtle rattle, and sticky sharp hooks giving it a home-made appearance but don’t let that fool you… it is absolutely deadly on speckled trout. But honestly, I believe it’s the “built-in” action of the Paul Brown Original when worked correctly that simply drives big speckled trout hog wild enticing them to strike. The secret to this bait is its “weight to profile” ratio that allows it to suspend and hover after being darted from side to side. The PB Original has to be worked with a “twitch-pause” cadence and the slower you work the bait the more effective the results. Because when the PB Original glides and stalls in front of a big “gator” trout, its often rewarded with a big bend in the rod for the angler working the bait patiently. I am under the assumption that Paul Brown designed this lure to mimic a finger mullet or croaker, whichever he intended big sea trout love the attributes of this lure especially the action, sound, and appearance.

Recently I shot an episode of Flats Class TV for the new season with Capt. Bob Puccinelli who does extensive R&D for the Mirrolure brand. Mirrolure acquired the Paul Brown Series of baits last year and now can distribute this long-time Texas trout secret to everyone along the Gulf coast and Atlantic seaboard. Not to give anything away before the show airs… but it was probably the most epic “big speckled trout” episode in the history of Flats Class TV, over 50 plus “gator trout” were caught on the Paul Brown Lures! Bob explained to me that Paul Brown himself oversaw the entire machine set-up to duplicate his series of baits at Mirrolure’s manufacturing facility to ensure the same quality and consistency that anglers have enjoyed over the last 37 years! Bob also explained that the PB lure is designed to be tweaked due to its flexible frame. By simply bending the tail section slightly up or down the PB lure can work shallower toward the surface or deeper near the bottom, with just a little tuning, a pretty cool feature!

In short, this Paul Brown Original lure has found a place in my tackle bag and is becoming my new “trophy” trout producer. Now that the big Texas trout secret has been exposed; I’m quite sure I’ll be teaching many of my Flats Class Charter clientele and all of my FCV2.0 inshore school students “how-to” maximize the PB Original lure this spring to catch more speckled trout.

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Capt. C.A. Richardson, Flats Class TV