Exact cuts every time, The Snip is a product that more people should have.  With the advent of braided lines in the fishing world, my own use of fingernail clippers for cutting line went out the window.   For a decade, I moved on to serrated scissors, designed to cut these woven lines.   I have been appointed the largest owner of rusty braid line scissors in the western Hemisphere.   I think that now I will be able to relinquish that title.

Enter the Boomerang Tool Company:  With a little bit of luck, I ended up becoming acquainted with people with this company and talked about their products.   I started asking more of my friends if they knew about this company and so many people said “Oh yeah, I have one of those.”

It is a compact, dependable item.    One handed use, works every time, they have created the Cadillac of the cutting tools in this device.  Small and easy to fit in a pocket, there is also a safeguard:  A retractable lanyard, which will prohibit you from turning your equipment into a reef.    As a kayak angler and guide, I have fallen victim to one very bad habit.  After I finish using something like scissors, I lay it on my leg instead of putting it in a secure location.   “If I am lucky” it falls off inside the kayak during the action of dismount.   If I am not lucky, that item is going in the water, usually without realizing it.   In a pocket, lanyard attached to my person, this item stays “high and dry” preventing any water corrosion for my Snip.    For others, you can consider another Snip accessory:  Their DRY BOXES

Like other similar things that I use, you evaluate for value.   This is one that you will get years of use out of and appreciate how it works over other options.   This also fits into that category of “great gift idea” for your fishing friends.  Maybe they do not know about this item.  Maybe they do but they are still using something else.   If you get this for them, it will replace what they are currently using and they will thank you for it.

Innovative, another guide told me that he has the LED version (info listed below) and it gives him a little light in low light or zero light conditions, something that is nice to have built into the cutting tool.


Company behavior and policies are also worth exploring.   I have seen where people have probably abused their Snip and the company has stood behind it anyway, sending replacement blades if necessary.   Their warranty policy.   Common sense should prevail.   If you are cutting wire, use something else.    This is a nice precision cutting tool for braided fishing lines, obviously appropriate for also cutting monofilament or fluorocarbon lines.    It is a tool you will not have to worry about the warranty if you use it for what it is intended.

Product information on the Snip LED, from the Boomerang web site:

Product Features

  • Easier hook threading with the clean cut of the precision 420 stainless steel cutters even with braid
  • 36″ retriever means that it is always ready for use
  • Squeeze design means quick and easy snipping with wet or gloved hands – no scissor loops
  • One handed snip lock
  • LED lets you see the line in the dark
  • Each SNIP comes in its own package
Product Information
*See a video and learn more about The SNIP Fishing Line Cutter with Retractable Cable from Boomerang Tool Company atwww.boomerangtool.com/snip-summary
The Snip offers anglers an effective alternative to awkward, easily misplaced cutting tools like scissors or nail clippers. Compact, lightweight, yet extremely durable, it features precise, corrosion-resistant “Grade 420” stainless steel blades that slice through monofilament, fluorocarbon, and even braid, like butter.
The Triple Play allows you attach one to the boat, one to the tackle box and one to your work bench. The SNIP will be everywhere you need it.
This unique tool delivers more than a clean, smooth cut every time. The Snip offers a level of convenience and ease-of-use that other line-cutting tools can’t match. This patent-pending, spring-loaded retractable “leash” allows The Snip to be attached anywhere on your boat—or on your person—and extend a full 36″ for duty. You’ll never have to search around for your cutting tool again, and since The Snip is always secured, there’s no chance of losing it overboard. When you’re finished cutting, just squeeze the aluminum “handles” on the side of the casing to lock the blades in “safe mode,” and let go. The Snip will automatically return to its original position—ready for use whenever you need it.
We’ve even equipped The Snip with a built-in LED light, making it safe and easy to cut line before sunrise, at dusk, or when night fishing (a version without the LED light is also available).
The Snip is extremely rugged and dependable too. It’s built to ward off rust and withstand repeated use in the toughest freshwater and saltwater environments. And while it’s designed for unparalleled quality, performance and convenience, The Snip is priced to fit any angler’s budget. Every unit is also backed up by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Product Warranty
One-year Ultra Warranty
  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.25 x 0.75″ (8 x 3 x 1.5cm)
  • Weight: 1.25oz (35g)
  • Jaws: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Maxwell LR1130 battery included

The Boomerang web SITE


Visit their site to see combo pack deals or just go to a dealer near you!

Boomerang Tool is a generous sponsor of the Captain Mel Classic since 2013!

Coming soon:  A review on Boomerang Tool Company pliers!

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