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It is very simple.    I use this technique for my Producto lures. 12 Fathom is being absorbed by the parent company, Producto.

Weedless possible with the right tail.    A bullet sinker is the weight.     I used this rig for snook and very shallow redfish succProducts.  Lures can be rigged with the hook exposed.
Your hook choice is your own.    I am going to use a quality 2/0.   Poke the hook through the plastic and rid the lure straight.    

Make casts and you will have success with a straight retrieve.   SlamR and Buzz Tail are pictured.   The mullet use a standard weedless.     The paddle tail is not the ideal plastic to Texas rig.    It will work with a paddle tail but the hook is not adequately exposed.

I heard about Texas rigging long before I did it.    Bass fishermen have used this system for a long time.   
An alternative to a jighead, this is an excellent option.

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