Tips for catching trout, Neil Taylor


It is easy to get in on the action with a lot of spotted sea trout. In the right locations, you will experience action with very nice-sized trout. If you find yourself in an area of only small trout, move. Trout are simple, so keep it simple. Throw them light lures. Move the lures slowly. Work areas that are predominantly grass bottoms. Go light on the rod and reel, light on the leader line and light on the lures that you tie on. Make long casts, keep control of the lures and catch trout. A pace where the lure is just above the bottom is ideal. In thick turtle grass less than 2 feet deep, try a topwater lure. Each angler is allowed to keep four trout 15 to 20 inches in length. One of the four can be more than 20 inches. A personal rule: I don’t keep trout less than 16 inches.

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