By Neil Taylor, Owner and guide- Strike Three Kayak Fishing


The Tsunami “Carbon Shield” is a rod you need to hold.    Looking at it:  You are going to like it.  It is one of the most attractive looking blanks I have ever seen.    It has a good feel and performance is good.   The same quality, half the price.   That’s value.  

As a fishing guide, you want equipment that performs without issues.    This rod, next to no tip wraps.   Great casting abilities.    The line goes through the guides very well.  The finish is good so it will look good for the life of the rod.  But just plain “a good feel” in your hands while fishing.   I’m not going with anything else.  

I have been using a variety of the Tsunami products for months now.   The Carbon Shield is easily one of my favorites but it is all quality stuff.     The Air Wave:  A great rod.   The Carbon Shield I believe is my first choice.

The rod:   From Tsunami.   Very simple really.   Here is the info on how their rods are made.  

Available in 3 actions across 2 different lengths, the Carbon Shield has a rod to fit all inshore fishing scenarios.

This is a light blank.    This is a Feather Light IM7 Graphite Blank with D16 Nanotech.  Tsunami Carbon Shield II Spinning Rods are designed with Fuji K Guides with Fazlite inserts. Made with feather light IM7 graphite blanks with D16 nanotech and unique carbon fiber design.  The Tsunami Carbon Shield II series is outfitted with top of the line single foot Alps S-6 Guides.. The premium cork grips provide comfort and durability to the rod. Another great feature on this Carbon Shield II rod is the anodized aluminum reel seat.  It is wrapped in 8 different angles which evenly disperse flexural force in 16 directions.  The ring is locking so it won’t come loose on you during use. 

Like the Air Wave, this is a rod I would use every day.    I like the look of the Air Wave.   I think I like the performance of the Carbon Shield even better.   Both are extremely good rods.    If you are on the market for new rods, look at all the stuff Tsunami has to offer.    Reels to match, I have reviewed some of that already and they work great and durability looks to be upper end.   

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