As a guide with Strike Three Kayak Fishing and as owner of; I am a huge part of the fishing world.   Sometimes things happen where I get thrust into something new.   

The Tsunami name is growing fast in the fishing world.   My connection:   Through Ron Simon at Fishing Supply Liquidators.  My situation:  15 years with the same company and they just simply failed at getting reels to fishing guides.   I needed a new reel sponsor.   My first attempts:  Zero progress.   The tackle industry has changed.     Ron’s suggestion led to an email from their rep, a guy I had known with Smith Optics for many years.    Shon and I talked.   Shon got me on the program.   Shon got me reels.   

I don’t review products until I’ve used them.     Time will attest to the durability but in performance, they have created a very good product.  I can tell you:  I am all Tsunami now.   I look forward to getting to know them a lot better.     Products I endorse always do well.    I put it in my hands.   I held it for a long time.   I used it on fishing trips for hours.     The performance is well past acceptable.  

This review:  The Shield.

The line goes on the spool smoothly.   The reels are light.    They appear to have durability built in.   This water-resistant reel is equipped with sealed bearings and an all-aluminum body/rotor for lightweight durability.   13 internal seals, this is built in for durability.   Aluminum construction – the body, sideplate, spool, and handle are either machined or cast.  The spool:  aluminum with a high performance carbon drag.   

The price point is good.   You are talking half what my old reels cost.    With that, you get good use out of these reels and at the appropriate time:  Buy more of these reels.  

Better yet after discussions with Shon, pretty much all local dealers carry the reel.    So, going in to look at and purchase the Shield is very easy..  

Without question, the biggest win:  No anti reverse.   I have been trying to get companies to get rid of the anti reverse on spinning reels for 25 years, without success.

Get your money’s worth.   Don’t beat on stuff.    If you do, things will fail.    Some simple practices:   Buy a can of silicone spray.   Use it to spray the exterior of your reels regularly.    This helps to prolong the life of the reel.     Find a good servicing technician.   Mine is Phil with Bay Area Reel Service.    I hand Phil heavily used reels:  He hands them back to me like new.    He is that good.  

From Tsunami:

Saltwater can be a double-edged sword!  It’s in our blood and it’s what fuels our passion to keep searching for that next trophy.  But, it is also the greatest enemy of the fishing tackle we use.

The unique Tsunami SHIELD™ series of Salt Water Proof spinning reels feature 14 precision internal seals in key, strategic locations to shield critical components from harmful saltwater intrusion.  The internal seals, super smooth and strong CF3™ carbon fiber drag system and 5 sealed stainless-steel bearings are wrapped in a hybrid, machined aluminum body combining light weight, protection, precision and toughness.   The heavy-duty rotor brake-controlled bail system on each model and precision machined aluminum, braid-ready spool with built-in arbor band assure the best control of super braids cast after long cast.

All SHIELD models contain 14 strategically located internal seals for years of reliable use with minimal maintenance.   The 14 various internal seals are placed at all of the locations where salt water could reasonably be expected to penetrate the reel for even better protection in all models of the SHIELD reels.   Hybrid all metal construction includes precision machined aircraft aluminum, tempered aluminum precision stampings and heavy-duty protective anodizing to keep these reels operating up to factory specifications year after year.  The combination of these top-notch design features and precisely mated components are what make the Tsunami SHIELD™ spinning reels an all new contender for your favorite reel for years to come!

Coming up:  Reviews of The Guard (reel) and Air Wave and Carbon Shield rods.    I am very impressed with what they have gotten to me.    This is the type stuff we use for our fishing throughout Florida.  

Customer feedback I researched:

Bought a Shield 4000 with high hopes of an affordable and sealed reel to use inshore fishing. The reel never felt completely smooth out of the box, but not bad for a $100 reel. Filled the spool and went fishing. After a few hours the reel developed a clunk when retrieving a lure. Sent it back to TD for a replacement. I get the new one and it feels worse than the first one! This time I send it to Bimini Bay directly. I get the same reel back and and a letter that states they notice the clunk, but it doesn’t effect the reels functionality and that they don’t have any new reels they can give me. Now I have to send it back to TD again for a return. I have spent 1/3 the cost of the reel shipping it around to get nowhere. 

I know it’s no Stella or Van Staal, but for $100 you’d expect to get a well functioning reel at least from the start. Don’t think it’s possible to get a great reel for $100? Try a Daiwa BG. Smooth as glass and a higher quality build. Want a cheaper sealed reel? Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks to get a Penn Spinfisher V.


Had this reel for just a short time. Was knocked off the jetty in Port Aransas twice, the reel went swimming with me. Pulled in 1 redfish 26 inches. I fished around 6 hours, the reel is still as if I just pulled it out of the box. Awesome reel. I’m very happy.


Very solid reel for the price point. I live in Florida and am an avid saltwaterfisherman. I have the 5k and am pleased so far, the one complaint I would have is the first o e I got came with a loud squealing sound but tsunami immediately replaced it and my new one it flawless, I have caught dozens of slot to above slot snook, 40+ inch reds and tarpon up to 80lbs with out an issue. I do take good care of my gear so that may influence the longevity of my gear. But if you are not the best at reel maintnece the seals will be a nice added insurance.


I hope they don’t up the price…..

I purchased this reel along wth a new pole from tackle direct back in early september 2017. I watched a youtube video of a guy bury this reel in the sand fully for 10 seconds. Pull it out, shake it off and cast it and it worked beautifully. I immediately ordered one and a week later was fishing it in Sandy Hook NJ. Outstanding feel to this reel. Super smooth reel action. The drag will lock down stopped when engaged all the way. It’s by far one of the best reels i’ve ever purchased and it was only about $120 when comparable reels are between $300-$800. Ps- about an hour after using it i buried it in the sand, picked it up, shook it off and made a beautiful cast with it. The 13 seals in this reel truly does keep the sand out of your reel 100%. Now, Tsunami does not advise reeling this reel underwater, however I’ve seen it done in videos and i even took a few wavea to the chest this season in mid reel and i wasnt about to blow the perfect presentation i had going cause of a little water… i’ve reeled underwater and it still worked beautifully and ended up with no sand or grit inside my reel. Like i said one of the best purchases and the best reel for the money in my opinion.


Very well made reel with a smooth drag. Used it for the first time while on vacation in the Florida keys. Handled hard fighting jacks with no problem. Love this reel.


Great reel. It is very light but tough. I have fought big blues and strippers with this reel.