This one is an easy one.   So straightforward, this isn’t a long review.   But it is an important one.     Leader line:  You need it and there is a new option that is as good as the rest.

Tuf Line has been my main line sponsor for well over ten years.   I left Power Pro back in the day and landed with Tuf Line.   Changes:  Tuf Line is now owned by the Mustad corporation.   I made the connection with them and immediately pleased to see what they are doing.   Now, they have leader line.

I tie my pompano teasers with Mustad hooks.    Quality product that I have utilized for a LONG time.   Now, they are my braided and leader line supplier as well.  

My leader line sponsor just disappeared from contact many years ago.     I made do with my other sources to have leader but had no sponsor.    Now, I have a sponsor for my leader line.   And, being a Tuf Line product, it is not only quality it is priced very well for the market.  $11 gets you into the game.  

Why fluorocarbon?   Abrasion resistance, good for fishing, fluorocarbon leader is invisible and is great for leaders and catching the fish.    Use this leader and you will catch more fish.     Monofilament is not as abrasion resistant and will fail more often.    The main lines, braid, too visible and not as good as leader.   The fish don’t see the leader line and when you get the fish on, the Tuf Line fluoro is going to hold up.  

From what I have seen they offer- Four to 100 pounds.   In 25-, 50-, 100- and 200-yard spools.  

Use their braided line and attach their leader line.     What pound strength?  It depends on what you are doing.   Most of what I’m doing I’ll use their 15 and 25.   I have already reviewed their braided line products extensively.    Let me know if you need any elaboration.   Bottom line:  This company can supply it all.  

I am about results.   A fishing guide has to be.   For you:  If you are a fisherman, you probably already know:   Fluorocarbon leader leads to success.    Without it, you are not going to do as well.   Invest the $11 and catch more fish.   A great price for a great product.  

I believe their packaging to be the best I have ever seen for leader line.   Nice and small, the line feeds out and stays controlled.   The tabs surrounding the line can bend out or stay in.   It is very smart packaging.  

A check of their website, there are local stores who carry it.   The good tackle shops already have the fluorocarbon there.  Otherwise, you can order online:   XS Fluorocarbon | TUF-LINE (

There is XS and XD.   XD is just two dollars more.   Get this leader line and watch s leader line and watch your fishing improve.

From their site:


X-tra smooth, and X-tra sensitive, Fluorocarbon XS transmits information from your lure to the rod better than any other fluorocarbon line. Extra strong, Fluorocarbon XS delivers solid hook sets at extending distances while maintaining exceptional abrasion resistance. Virtually invisible underwater, XS is the go-to line when targeting pressured or skittish fish, or when fishing gun-clear streams for wary salmon, trout, and steelhead.

Highly abrasion-resistant and virtually invisible underwater, Fluorocarbon XD is the perfect line for targeting skittish fish or when targeting species in heavy cover, dragging baits along rough, rocky bottoms, or hunting for an offshore beast. With less stretch and slack, Fluorocarbon XD delivers solid hooksets, even at long distances, while sinking quickly, dropping to the depth you need to for the fish you’re targeting.

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