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Starting in 2014, Uncle Neil’s Teasers became part of the official Silly Willy product line.   Tied by full-time kayak fishing guide Neil Taylor, the teasers are available in the best colors with flash built into every teaser.

What are pompano teasers?  The teaser is a “fly” that is tied to be used in conjunction with a pompano jig.    The catches on this outfit are limitless really.   Geared for pompano, most fish are caught on the teaser and not the jig and in addition to pompano Uncle Neil’s teasers will get black drum, snapper, sheepshead, trout, snook, cobia, silver trout, whiting, tripletail, redfish, permit, mahi mahi, grouper and junk species like ladyfish and jacks.

Pier fishermen:  Those who have paid any attention, the teaser is the key to easy Spanish mackerel success.    Gear up with heavier leader and jig it harder than when targeting pompano.    The Silly Willy/Teaser rig is a much easier way to do deep jigging and the mackerel will eat the teaser every time they see one.

As a fishing guide who puts in 250 days per year on the water, the teasers open up opportunities during some tough situations.   Summertime when our shallow water species get fickle, the jig/teaser put down on bridge pilings or in the passes will lead to fast action even when the water is extremely hot.

The teaser and jig work well together with the jig being the weight and the teaser the flashy attractor.   The jig allows the combination to sink back down to the strike zone with the teaser throwing out the right flash to attract a fish into eating.   Proper rigging of the Silly Willy to the Uncle Neil teaser:  Connect inside a loop knot with both hooks facing out.   This will lead to more hookups compared to the rigging with both the jig and the teaser facing the same direction.

Why is an Uncle Neil’s teaser superior?   As I learned how to make teasers I was using them and found out that certain techniques in creating a teaser led to a more durable product.   I use good materials (synthetic hair, thread) and after I finish wrapping a teaser I tie off three knots before I use clear nail polish to seal the thread.    Because of this extra step of “triple tie”, Uncle Neil’s teasers will hold up to many more fish and to the stress of pliers hitting the thread.    They are not indestructible, but they are much more durable than teasers I have used in the past.

The teasers are available in two options:   Mustad 3407 or C70 SD.   The C70 is a premium hook.   In both options the teasers are tied on a Size 2 hook.  At times when my schedule is lighter or the weather is difficult, I craft these teasers.    I have tied over 15,000 of them in the past three years.

There are some basic color selections available.   The pink teaser is the #1 choice for the pompano crowd.   A close second place is yellow.   “Flash” added to the main threads make the teasers more visible down deep on the overcast days.    Teasers in white are popular with the mackerel guys and gals, but the mackerel will inhale any color teaser they see.    Orange is another color that is utilized by the pompano anglers, and catches more than the pink teaser at certain times.

Ask your local shops if they have Uncle Neil’s teasers.  If they do not and they would like to put them in, tell them to get in touch with me.   If you do not live around the Tampa Bay area but need teasers, inquire by email and I can easily ship this to you.   For the purchase of the Silly Willy, inquire directly at Captain Joe Fishing:

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Want to catch more fish?   Feed them an Uncle Neil’s Teaser

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