Not Much Fishing Fishing Report

Thank you for reading this not much fishing fishing report. It’s rained every day this week, with significant amounts of lightning.

Memorial Day– the weather was not conducive to Florida fishing- windy and rainy, all day. Since I will be here all summer for the first time in 14 years, I cleaned and re-spooled all my 6000 and 4000 series spin reels. I’m thinking big jacks, I’m thinking king macs, I’m thinking tarpon. And now I am ready, rod and reel-wise. May still have to tinker with the terminal tackle a bit…

Tuesday– went to the Econ for an hour, wade fishing. Got two redbellies and a stumpknocker on a rubber spider. The gar were moving upstream like an army, a continuous stream of fish clearly going someplace. What it reminded me of was the beachside tarpon migration in Lee County. There were some 36-inch gar in the pack. Right after I got in the car it started raining.

A Fiber Minnow.

I organized terminal tackle for the spin rods in the afternoon. I also started tying some tarpon flies, fiber minnows and electric sushi ( , a project that’s taken me through the rest of the week.

Electric sushi- tying instructions at link.

Wednesday– tied some rubber spiders and some foam-head Muddler Minnow kind of things, small flies for sunfish. Went to the Econ to test them. The water was up six or seven inches from the day before. I did not touch a fish. I don’t know if that’s because my new flies stink or the fish are looking for heavier cover in the increasing flow.

Spent the afternoon organizing all my flies. I have lots of flies, some 20 or more years old, never used.

Thursday– finished my electrical work on the Mitzi, took it for a spin around Lake Harney. Pressure washed it, then organized all the boat gear and boat fishing tackle. My tackle is as organized as it’s ever been.

Friday– in a fit of optimism, rigged up a 10-weight and a 12-weight. When the weather breaks I will be ready. I hope there will be some fish around!

It is our lost fish that I believe stay longest in memory, ans seize upon our thoughts whenever we look back on fishing days. – Sir Edward Grey

Life is great and I love my work!

Every day is a blessing. Don’t waste it- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski, author of Fishing Florida by Paddle- An Angler’s Guide
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