What’s going on in the upper stretch of Tampa Bay?

A mild “winter” to this point, things are going to be a little more of a battle for a few days.   The great news for Upper Bay enthusiasts, this weather will push many more fish into the upper stretches of the Bay.    The creeks and deepest troughs will be where the best fishing will be.   Not severe really, it might not make it “as good as it could be” but this weather probably pushed more fish toward the creeks.

Trout, redfish and even drum and sheepshead will be great targets.    With the cooling of the water, this may be an exceptional time to take along some fresh shrimp.    I personally don’t, but you could.    I haven’t baited a hook in over three years.

For using lures, slow down the retrieve to keep hooking up.   If you do not make that adjustment, you may not catch any fish.   Do what it takes.

The Captain Mel Classic is on April 29.   Upper Tampa Bay is part of the fishing zone.   All details are on the home page under the tab “Captain Mel Classic”.  It will be a fun event, benefitting the Suncoast Animal League.

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