Windy days offer good chance to work on fly fishing


We are having more wind than usual. Should you leave your fly rod at home and take only spinning tackle? If you want to improve as a fly fisherman, the reverse is true. If wade fishing, there are many areas protected from the wind. If using a kayak or boat, go to a protected location, and if wadeable leave the watercraft and approach fishable water on foot. An easterly wind offers protection from buildings and mangroves; worst case scenario is a wind at your back or over your shoulder, which can be an asset to casting. Learn to cast tight loops to achieve wind penetration. Cast more horizontal than vertical. The closer your line is to the water, the less chance the wind has to affect it. Using a shorter, stiffer leader and smaller flies will give you a better layout of your line, improving your presentation.

Fly fisherman Pat Damico runs charters in lower Tampa Bay and can be reached at and (727) 504-8649.

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Capt. Pat Damico

Capt. Pat Damico is a Coast Guard certified charter captain with extensive experience guiding in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you enjoy spin or fly fishing, your chances of success are as good with him as anywhere else in Florida.