With seasonal changes occurring it’s difficult to write a legitimate fishing report without mentioning the weather.  I can’t think of a single other sport or hobby that is so critically affected by atmospheric conditions.  As it stands right now, Mother Nature seems to be ushering in spring conditions, which is fortunate for us.  It also explains all of the out-of-state visitors when I see the weather from around the country.  For myself, sheepshead will remain my target species. They are gathering in larger concentrations on higher profile structures toward the mouth of the bay and out into the near shore waters of the gulf.  Live, or fresh-cut shrimp will provide plenty of action when fished on a simple knocker rig.  Bonus catches have included mangrove snapper and white grunts.  The one species that has been notably missing is flounder, which can usually be found lying in the sand on the outskirts of most of these same structures. 

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