Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Neil Blog: Getting Close

Computer issues.   I think I lost part of the Neil Blog.    I have to get this think looked at.   I think the...


Greater amberjack closes Nov. 1 in Gulf state waters  The recreational harvest of greater amberjack in Gulf of Mexico...

Hogfish To Close

The Neil Blog: Construction

Captain’s Corner: Dave Zalewski

ave Zalewski 460-9893This year’s red tide has caused a dramatic change in our daily game plan when preparing to go offshore. In...


Redfish Advantage: The Kayak

The Great, Doug Hemmer


November 2016: Florida Kayak Fishing Forecast

November 2016 By Neil Taylor and kayak fishing staff contributors Around the state: A glimpse at the month of November for kayak anglers around the Sunshine...

2019 Capmel Classic Results

The 2019 Captain Mel Classic is history.     Bonus Species:   Flounder, none were caught by tournament contestants except for the lady who caught one...

2012 The Year in Review

October Kayak Fishing Forecast


Learning to Fly 1

Cold Water Flying By:  Capt. Jon Bull   In past winter’s, temperatures were barely rising above the mid 50's.  Nighttime temps were dipping below freezing in most...

Fall Bite Is Here

Get Flies Deep For Big Fish