The trout is the number one fish to target in the Tampa Bay area.   Statewide, easily our most prolific species.    The trout is available...

12 Fathom: Pure Gold

I had this email from a while back.    I thought answering it would make an article where I could draw ALL of the 12...

The Meatheads of the Week

Reel Size

With Red Tide, a big decline in fish This past mid-week we were scouting for the St. Pete Open spearing tournament, which was held Saturday (more at We ran directly west...

Merrill Memories: Rain or Shine

Merrill's memories:  Neither wind nor rain shall deter us from fishing! We continue our memorial series of articles authored by our dear departed friend Merrill "Canoeman"...

2015 The Year In Review

January 2016 Another year has passed by. It was a great one. The tenth year as a fishing guide, outdoor writer/speaker complete I think my...

The Kayak Report

The Kayak Report, 1/15/2017

Best Fly Fishing in the US When someone mentions fly fishing, you might conjure up a mental image of an old-fashioned fisherman, his hat full of lures, a wicker creel...
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Mirrolure: Top Dog, Pup and TD Jr

Dogs and Pups By Neil Taylor, Dog Series: Top Dog, Top Dog Jr and Top...

Sixwave Jigheads

Tuf Line 2016

Daiwa Fuego 3000A

The Edje Jighead


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