The Red Tide Report

Last week, zero detected. This week, minimal: Current ConditionsThe...

The Neil Blog: Heat

July fades, August begins.   Into exile I must go, failed I have.   Well, into exile anyway.   It is that time of year.  ...

Need Gear? F.S.L.

Captain’s Corner: Jay Mastry

The Tampa Bay Times Mangrove snapper fishing in Tampa Bay is still about as good as it gets. ...

Crabs as Bait

Frank Sargeant: Winter

Learning a New Area

April Fishing: Some Tips

Mangrove Snapper

The Kayak Report

It is into middle of June:  Will we be getting tropical weather?   There are two systems out there to watch, very least we should...

Good time to get in on a variety of fun In what I would call "action trips,'' it's pretty easy to get in on a wide variety of fun now. Sheepshead, trout, jacks, ladyfish,...

The Kayak Report

When Guides Go On Vacation

The Quietest Way

Saltwater Fly Fishing with a Guide

There is no doubt that many an angler has accepted the challenges of fly fishing in the saltwater environment. And many have chosen to...