The Meatheads of the Week

NORTHWEST REGION   CASES   ESCAMBIA COUNTY   Officer Land was conducting resource inspections on the Escambia River. He encountered a group of subjects who were duck hunting. Officer Land...

Seeing Red

The times, they are a changing.    In many ways not for the better.    Skip back five years, I was on the phone with Captain...

Fishing the Dead of Winter

The Meatheads of the Week

Captain’s Corner: Dave Mistretta

 Winter has taken grasp of the state.  Looks like  even colder weather is in store for us by next week.    Instead of getting frustrated, ...

Rivers: Cold Water Success


Braid versus Monofilament

Long, Accurate Casts

The Fishing Kayak

Holiday Gift Buying

Anchor Man 2

Or, “if you lost your anchor, Anchor Man says “Maybe you should have put a float on it! By Neil Taylor, professional kayak guide/instructor The...

Kayak Rigging Ideas

Neil Taylor,   Equipping and Setting Up Your Kayak In the quest for kayak fishing efficiency there are just a few decisions you need to make...

Fly Fishing Forecast: Rick Grassett

              Capt. Rick Grassett’s Sarasota, FL Fly Fishing Forecast for January 2016   You may find reds and big trout concentrated in potholes...