Saturday, November 27, 2021

Flounder Reopen

Flounder recreational harvest reopens Dec. 1 The recreational harvest of flounder in all state and federal waters will reopen...

The Neil Blog: No More Summer

The Neil Taylor story continues.   A nightmare:  Getting power.     Nothing came easy.   But it finally happened.    I don’t get it.   Didn’t they...

The Neil Blog: Getting Close


Captain’s Corner: Pat Damico

"Fly fishing is too much work!" This is something I hear frequently as a reason for not getting involved in this rewarding...

The Landing Net

The “Sawed Off” SlamR

Solar Heat, Frank Sargeant


The Swivel: Frank Sargeant

The Kayak Report

“Paddling in the wind” best describes the month of November.    Sweat soaked shirts from a month with record heat nearly every day: ...

Sight Fishing

By Neil Taylor What you see: Is what you get.   See the fish you want to catch:  Then try to catch it.  That is the...

The Kayak Report, 12/1/2016

The Kayak Report, 1/15/2017

Learning to Fly 3

  A Series by Capt. Jon Bull             In this installment in the series, Learning to Fly, we will be discussing the final piece of your...