Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Skyway Piers

Dear Skyway Pier Stakeholders, The Skyway Pier is an important resource in the Tampa Bay area. It is open...

The Neil Blog: The Blaiser

2022:  The Year of Death is winding down.  Before it ended:   Blaise Dinardo.    Director of security at the Rochester ballpark.   87 years...

Red Grouper Lane Snapper

Grouper , Triggerfish

The Neil Blog: Mid December

Lane Snapper Closed

Captain’s Corner: Brent Gaskill

The Tampa Bay Times Capt. Brent Gaskill            People are often surprised by my answer when they...

Producto: Pure Gold

The Pompano Teaser


When It’s Cold

The Sheepshead

Yak Attack VISICarbon Pro

February 26, 2013 by Neil Taylor, Luther Cifers is a pioneering, engineering kind of guy.   In tune with the needs of the kayaker, kayak...

Kayak Selection

Getting the right kayak:   Once you do, you are set.   For the average guy, it is a process.   Not everyone goes out...

Ho Ho Ho, It’s Christmas

2013 The Year In Review

How Important is your Fly Pattern?

In an earlier article I showed a fly pattern that represented both a shrimp and a baitfish. A few of the readers were concerned...

Rivers: Cold Water Success

Bamboo Fly Rods