Friday, December 8, 2023

Flounder regs

Flounder recreational harvest season closes Oct. 15  The recreational harvest of flounder in all Florida state and federal waters...

Goliath Grouper Applications

Applications for limited recreational harvest of goliath grouper in state waters open Oct. 1  The Florida Fish and Wildlife...

Spiny Lobster


The Neil Blog…

The Catfish

Brian Caudill

The Tampa Bay Times Fishing in the north Pinellas  region has slowed a bit with the sudden drop in...

Captains Corner, Hardman

Grassett Fly 2023

Grassett, Dec 2023

Captains Corner, Dave Zalewski

Windows of opportunity

I’m Not Doing That

Holiday Gift Buying

Smoked Fish Spread

Jacks or Better

Fishing With Neil


November 30, 2011 By Neil Taylor The Safety Harbor, FL company have addressed multiple needs in the paddling and paddle fishing industry.    As their...

The Neil Blog: Into 2020

Lengthy time between entries.   I guess I just haven’t had that much to say.    American politics?   No thanks.   The news...

Now I Know

Wintertime Florida Fishing

Grassett, Fly Fishing Forecast April 2017

Capt. Rick Grassett’s Sarasota, FL Fly Fishing Forecast for April 2017 This is a great month for snook on shallow flats or around lighted docks...

Big Jacks

Cold Water Fly Fishing

Rivers: Cold Water Success