The Meatheads of the Week

NORTHWEST REGION   CASES   BAY COUNTY   Officers Hayes and Scott were on vessel patrol in St. Andrews Bay when they checked a vessel coming in from offshore. The...

Now I Know

The more you go.    Fairly simple:  We continue to do things where we are successful.    The more you know, the more you go.   We...

Measuring Boards


12 Fathom: Pure Gold

Live? Artificial?

New moon has better grouper fishing farther offshore Grouper fishing inside 160 feet continues to be a challenge due to the proximity of the new moon. This moon phase has the currents...

Bolts of Lightning

Paddling a Kayak

Mystery of the DOA Shrimp

Barbless Hooks On Lures

Catch & Release Snookin’

Our Beloved Toadfish

December 2016 Florida Kayak Fishing Forecast

December 2016:  Florida Kayak Fishing Forecast By Neil Taylor and kayak fishing staff contributors Around the state: For most kayak anglers, December marks the time for...

The Kayak Report

So typical for spring: The winds are usually blowing. But anyone getting out there anyway has seen that the longer...

Captain’s Corner: Best tarpon fights for you and the fish

This is the best time of year to catch big tarpon on fly. Stories of needing 11/2 hours to get a silver-side to the...
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12 Fathom “SlamR”

The 12 Fathom SlamR To contact 12 Fathom- Web site: Telephone: 407-321-7377 12 Fathom has a great arsenal of lures with options that are powerful in various...

Boomerang Pliers

Simms Zip-It Bootie

Sixwave Jigheads


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