Red Tide??

Red Tide.   It has been in the news.   National news.   It has frightened people out of coming to Florida.     It has had an impact...

9th Annual Captain Mel Classic

The Ninth Annual Captain Mel Classic is on May 18, 2019 This is an all-amateur, all-lure catch/photo/release charity event with the target species of trout...

The Meatheads of the Week

Seek and Intercept

What’s happening with the redfish? Fall is when adult redfish return from the open gulf and spawn just offshore of the major estuaries. These breeders rarely come back inshore...

Rick Grassett, Bahamas

Sarasota, Rick Grassett

IRL: John Kumiski

Tom Van Horn, November 2018

Birds and Fishing Line

Choices in Lines

Wintertime Inshore Fishing

Kayak: Deep Water Reentry


Rod Holders, by John Veil

The Kayak Report

The great fishing of spring has been here for a while.   The wintertime fishing was OK but I just felt that things were going...

The right location means big trout numbers It is peak time for catching large numbers of trout. A "spring thing" right now, it is not unusual to put up a big...

Strike Three Kayak Forecast

Tampa Bay Fly, Pat Damico 3/17/2016

Captain's Corner: Warming water brings snook back Pat Damico, Times Correspondent Monday, March 14, 2016 5:44pm  The local water temperature has finally hit my magic number, 65....