Looks like we have perfect weather for fishing through Saturday. As of now they are calling for rain on Sunday but I wouldn’t cancel any plans until it gets closer.

The trout bite has really turned on this past week. You can catch plenty of slot size fish in 4 ft. of water all throughout St. Pete and Tampa Bay. The gator trout we are catching are in about 2ft of water on the sand. Scaled sardines can still be netted around the pier and markers. With the water temperature sitting at 64 degrees, I would fish them under a cork to slow them down. Shrimp fished on 1/8 oz jig head slowly worked across the bottom is another go to bait and is working well. A Soft plastic bait fished the same way will produce as well.

If you are looking for Redfish then head to your favorite docks on low tide. We have been doing really well fishing shrimp.

On the offshore scene the mangrove snapper bite is crazy. Just find yourself a nice piece of hard bottom to fish. The best way to fish for them is with light tackle. I use the same tackle that I would you for inshore. If you are fishing with braid, make sure you have at least 15ft of 20lb fluorocarbon leader and as light of weight you can get away with. Get yourself plenty of shrimp. I will usually take 20 dozen out there. Pinch off the tail and tread your hook through like you would a plastic worm.

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