Spring fishing is in full swing. Bait has been and the bridge but unfortunately it has not made its way up into Tampa Bay yet. It won’t be long before it does and the fish will be ready for it. If you are willing to make the run and get bait, you will be rewarded with non-stop action.

With the water temperature on the rise, the Snook have moved out onto the flats on low tide and up under the mangroves as the tide rises. They seem to be keying in on the live bait. Chumming with scaled sardines is pretty much out of the question. The birds are all over it and can scare the fish away. Plus, the fish are so hungry they are eating almost every bait you cast their way.

Usually schools of redfish don’t show up in big numbers until April but, they are

all over Tampa Bay. Like with the Snook, you will have to keep your distance when fishing the schools. Just get close enough to make your cast in front of the school. Live scaled sardines have been the bait of choice.

With the water temperature on the rise, the Spanish Mackerel started to show up throughout St. Petersburg. That is that a good sign because the Kingfish will not be far behind. We just need the wind to lay down and the water to clear up.

Capt. Mike Gore



Former baseball umpire, now fishing guide. Graduate of the University of Arizona.

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