The middle of May marks the beginning of summer:  Early enough in summer for good options before the “dog days” of summer arrive.    Winter, a distant memory:   We have mackerel.  We have pompano.   We have flounder.    Trout are always here.   Redfish are always here.   Snook are always here.    Redfish have made a recovery since being “closed.”   Trout didn’t need to be closed but zero harvest, there are the same number there were, they are just getting bigger all the time.  Snook continue a recovery after a massive freeze in 2010.    Numbers have gone up but overall size is not particularly impressive.    It will take some more time for snook to approach what they used to be.    
Pompano and flounder:  Not closed, are an option for a fish to take home.   Flounder started out good two months ago then faded a little.   Pompano are easy if you go to the right spot.   Yellow jig, with a pink teaser is all you need to catch this species.   Flounder are caught on subsurface lures.  I use a 1/8 or 3/16-ounce jighead and a five inch plastic tail.    Moved painfully slow, if flounder are there, they will eat this lure.   

Honestly, if closures mean a better fishery, closures should be a part of the future.    Redfish have made a substantial recovery.   Snook will take longer but the closure can do nothing but help.   Trout didn’t need to be closed but their closure means trout are getting bigger.    The good photo is worth more than the dead fish anyway.    Get out, because the fishing has been very good.   

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