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A five year lull is ending.    Flounder are an option again.  This is big news to me:  I am a guide who targets flounder a great deal when they are an option.    For so long, they were not.    Finding and catching flounder is easy:   Deeper areas with sand bottom.   Areas where the sand meets another structure are ideal.   Like, where the sand meets seagrass, ideal flounder locations.    Use soft plastic tails on a 1/8 to 1/4-ounce jighead.   I like five inch tails.   Live bait guys, the choice is yours but the best flounder bait is a tiger minnow.   For flounder “you can’t go too slow.”   Very hard mouths you want to either set the hook hard or don’t set the hook at all.    Losing flounder is just part of the game.   Flounder would be the only species I own a net for.    But I don’t use a net myself, the goal is to get the flounder in your boat as quickly as possible.   
They are very good to eat.   New regulations on flounder as of March 2021:    Fourteen inch minimum length with a bag limit of 5 fish.  

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