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Deep grass flats around Pinellas point are providing some of the best action.  The water temperatures are much cooler than in the shallows where it can be in the 90’s. Redfish become lazy and will not eat with temperatures that high, so I head to deeper water for nonstop action. Spanish mackerel, jacks, trout, snapper, ladyfish, bluefish and sharks are what you can expect to catch.  The action is nonstop, and you catch a ton of fish.  I learned this method of fishing many years ago in order to catch fish on tough days of flats fishing. I use the bottom machine to locate the area I want to anchor and fish.  Sand will be a flat line, and grass will be jagged and a different color.  Once I am anchored, I start throwing out live chummers.  This will trigger any species in the area to start feeding.  Continuous chumming is required to keep the action steady. I use a long shank hook with 40 pound fluorocarbon leader to prevent cut offs from sharks and mackerel.     The hatch of baitfish has continued to cause problems using a 3/8” castnet.  They are so small; they get caught in the net. These small baits moved into the the same area as larger baits, located around bridges and grass flats.  I like to use a ¼ inch mesh glass minnow cast net this time of year.  The mesh is small enough so the baits will not get caught in the mesh of the castnet.      

Captain Rob Gorta


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