Redfish and snook are feeding aggressively at times through ought Tampa Bay, however spring weather is living up to it’s billing this week. Three cold fronts in ten days is a very active weather pattern.

Redfish numbers are on the rise in the bay as we’ve seen a definite increase in the population over the last couple of months. Small schools of redfish can be found cruising just about any flat that’s supporting a decent mullet population right now. The fish have been a bit cold this week after last weekends big cold snap, so slowing everything down to match the fishes metabolism has been key. Shrimp, butterfish and cut ladyfish have all been working as will a weed-less soft plastic slowly worked thru the mullet schools.

 Targeting mangrove shorelines near to the many small creeks that flow out to the bay, the afternoon snook bite was outstanding last week. Flash forward to current time and the fish have slowed quite a bit as the water temperatures plummeted over the weekend. The fish will feed again this week just before the next front moves thru late week.

 Live pilchards, the top bait this time of year, are abundant at times in Tampa bay but can disappear overnight. The Skyway bridge is the one constant in the bait game, however range markers and deeper dredge areas near the other bridges will hold good concentrations of pilchards at times.

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