Weather has hampered fishing conditions for a few days. Expect to see things back to our warm August forecast after this low pressure system passes. The recent rainfall will cool down the water temps a bit from the very warm 90-plus. Extreme warm conditions can affect the way fish feed. In a perfect world, a little rain each day would keep water temps in the more tolerable 80s. Our longer charters have allowed us to travel farther into the gulf where the water temps differ. We’ve occasionally been diving overboard to cool down offshore. We enjoyed the cooler water temps about 10 feet down, so we figured the fish must like it too. Our downriggers were employed during our slow troll sessions. The results were impressive. We’ve been rewarded with numerous barracuda, large kingfish, sharks, cobia and a variety of other fish. Many of these fish simply would not grab a surface bait presented. The cooler waters make a difference. This time of year especially in August, the kingfish can get quite large. Don’t be surprised at a king weighing more than 40 pounds They are often large rogue females in August. This explains a lot about their spawning patterns, since most are full of roe. Many other species also spawn during these summer months as well. Mangrove snapper and sharks are just a few others. Tip of the month: Sending live baits down to the cooler depths can produce extraordinary results.

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