How to think like a fish


Use water depth to your advantage right now. Shallow water heats up quicker than deeper water. The fish will naturally seek out a comfort zone. Consider when you get into the shallow end of a swimming pool. The water feels warm. As you swim toward the deep end the surface temperature remains hot but the mid water depth begins to cool. A dive to the bottom of the deep end will reveal much cooler and more comfortable water than the shallow end. This is exactly what the fish are experiencing. Add to the equation some shade. Just as we prefer to sit under a shade tree with a breeze blowing, fish will gravitate to areas under mangroves or docks with a current flowing. It’s not complicated. Just think like a fish. Common catches being landed over deeper grass beds or hard bottom areas throughout the bay include Spanish mackerel, trout, snapper, sea bass, small sharks, and more. Targets among the shady areas include redfish, snook, and more snapper.

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