Moving  in to a new month look forward to some of the best fishing on the Nature Coast. The newcomer will be cobia. I’ve heard of a few being caught by anglers being prepared for the opportunity of the “happening” of one passing by. The first cobia I normally see are follow stingrays on the shallow inshore flats, most are sub legal but fun to catch with light tackle intended for trout. Out on the deeper areas be prepared to cast at bigger fish that will appear around structure for a few minutes before they move north. In the deeper waters I always will have a heavy spinning rod with 30lb. braid and 60lb. leader either a soft plastic eel shaped soft plastic to cast at the fish or a 5/0 bait hook with a live pinfish at the ready.  The trout bite is best inshore around rocky points on the high tide but on most any moving tide trout, bluefish, spanishmackerel, sea bass, flounder and ladyfish can be found in the 8 to 10 foot flats around hard bottom. If you are lucky enough to experience a “mudd” it can be a the best fishing ever. A mudd is when there is a shrimp hatch and the game fish will feed heavily on them creating muddy water. Cast toward the tip of the muddy water because the tide will move the dirty water in one direction. High incoming tide will be in the morning.

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