Cooling waters will put anglers closer to the mouth of rivers, creeks and warm water areas. Warm waters can be natural like spring fed rivers, tree lined banks that block wind and reflect sunlight or man made like power plants or sea walls. Live bait is the key to the action and the best can be shrimp, mud minnows or pilchards. Most of these bait are readily available on the Big Bend at most bait house’s except the pilchard. In my area they are around brackish water and can be caught in a cast net. They make excellent bait for trout, redfish and snook. An good bait tank is needed as they are not as hardy as a mud minnow. Using shrimp on the bottom the bite can be good in the rivers for sheepshead, black drum and redfish. Look for deep sections with rocky shorelines for catching these fish.  We are at the last chance to legally keep a snook, the season will end at the last day of November. The slot size is 28 to 33 inches and one per angler who possess a snook stamp, along with a saltwater fishing license. Popular areas to fish for them now are around the springs in our rivers. There are closed areas made for manatees that are off limits for fishing, so do not get caught even casting in these closed zones or it may be an expensive day/night of fishing.  I just want to let everyone who reads my reports and fish’s with me that I Appreciate Ya! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and catch plenty of fish. High incoming tide will be early morning this weekend

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