Coming into some of the best red fishing of the year the Big Bend in August is the kick off. I like to keep an eye out for large schools of mullet. As the month passes into September the mullet will start to grow fat and produce roe. I believe the redfish like to mingle with the mullet for safety, the best current and bait laden bottom. The dimpling on the surface with multiple mullet jumping is a common sight for most anglers but spotting a “push” of redfish takes a trained eye. A school of redfish will take a direct path not meandering like mullet. From the poling platform I can usually see their white mouths and also the occasional flash of a happy fish rolling off the bottom. I like to let the fish move in and set up or settle down before casting to them. When that happens most any bait will work to catch them. One of my favorites is a Eppinger Rex gold spoon. A spoon with it’s fabulous wobble and the look of a dying pinfish can catch multiple fish without baiting a hook and cast a country mile. 

 Most any structure from natural rocks and ledges to channel markers are holding keeper mangrove snapper. Live shrimp are the best bait. Keep and eye on all the markers for triple tail. The ones I’ve been catching have been on the deeper can buoy’s. High incoming tide will be in the afternoon this weekend.  

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