Looking forward into the month of November should bring some very good fishing with nice weather. Now that the time has changed we will miss out on the late evening after five bite, good for those who fish during the week or are retired. There will be less anglers on the water during the week. The trout bite continues to be good on the outgoing tide in the rock grass flats. A few pompano have been mixed in with the jack crevalle on the bars west of Ft. Island Beach. One of the easyest ways locate pompano is to watch for them to skip behind the wake of your vessel. If you see 3 or 4 skip across the water then you are in the right area. I’ve caught plenty of pompano with a 1/8 oz. yellow buck tail but I also like a 1/8 oz. chartruese jighead tipped with a piece of shrimp jigged verticle through the water. Pompano can also be chummed and kept in the vacenity with broken small pieces of shrimp. The inshore grouper bite remains very good with limits of fish coming from the 18 to 20 foot range. There are some keepers in shallower but you have to work through lots of shorts. Lipped plugs and free lined live pinfish will get the bite. High incoming tide will be in the afternoon this weekend.

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