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Pompano are a seasonal option.   They dominate the action from May until usually the end of August.    They arrived extremely late this year but they have become a solid target.   Being late, they might be available later into the year.   
 Find pompano spots and you can fish them the rest of your life.   They are in specific locations, not like other species you can find anywhere.    Deeper water, 9 to 12 feet with sandy bottom and good current are locations to search for pompano.   You have to be resourceful because they move.   You need to move with them.    “Here today, gone tomorrow” a theme for years with pompano, this year even more pronounced.   It went from great to bad, to great to bad again:  Going to the same spot for them.    Had I tried other locations on the days I wasn’t catching them, results would have been different.    
Searching those deep areas, the bridges and passes you should find them if they aren’t where you thought they should be.    Things are strange this year.    Places that should be good right now, good one day and then nothing the next.   Move to another location and they will be there.   Currently, the reports at the bridges are not strong.   If you move around, you should find them and enjoy catching them.   

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