Look for this guy at the Skyway Piers: The Skyway Report author Paul Bristow

It is with a very sad heart I have to tell you: We lost another.

The “Skyway Report” author, Paul Bristow passed away. I was notified by Jamie Foster, his colleague. He died at home.

There will be a memorial at the North Skyway fishing pier at 10 AM on October 5th. Please attend if you can.

Paul was a friend of mine. Not a close friend but we could have been. I dealt with Paul for years. He sent in the Skyway report every Friday faithfully. A report that has been one of the most popular on this site.

He will be missed. You will miss him if you read his reports. I will miss him because I took charters out right on his route to work and he ALWAYS stopped to talk.

My condolences to the Bristow family. This is a loss. He was someone I will miss so I know that his family must certainly be hurting.

Paul always put in an effort with me. One of my fishing locations, right on Paul’s way to “work”, the south Skyway fishing pier. He would stop, talk and we would share stories.

Paul owned Love Lures for some time. A lawyer by trade, Paul was kind of a jack of all trades. He enjoyed fishing. A LOT. He enjoyed making fishing better for everyone else. I was caught off guard by this news for a number of reasons. First off, I considered him my age. But I also considered him healthy.

A loss: I will miss seeing Paul but I appreciate the person that he was.



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