"Good jacks", the Florida pompano. These come home.


Pompano have made an early appearance and are being caught easily inside Tampa Bay. Pompano are our most underutilized species. They fight great and are one of the best fish to eat in the gulf. Pompano are at the bridges or in the passes. Currently, bridges are the No. 1 option. Gear up with medium outfits with a 20-pound fluorocarbon leader. Rig up with a pompano jig and a teaser — yellow on the jig, pink on the teaser. You will catch 90 percent of the fish on the teaser. Use a jig that is heavy enough to sink the combination to the bottom. Hop the lure, making sure that with each jigging motion the jig/teaser gets back down and hits the bottom again. The act of jigging is how you set the hook on a pompano. Use pliers to remove hooks.

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