It was bound to happen.   Twelve years in the business, I finally got a jighead sponsor.    I got interested in this product from seeing a photo.     Initial contact with the people at Ralph Phillips Inshore, they are looking to grow and they are at the forefront of molded jigheads.      I invited them to sponsor my tournament, which they agreed.  I invited them to advertise on   They also agreed to that.   Sponsoring me, I put their jigheads into use immediately.

  1. I have my jighead of the future
  2. I have a company that has the capability of making me anything else I need.
  3. Durability doesn’t hurt. The jighead on the rod that I use:  It is the same one I tied on day 1.   No rust, they use quality components in the construction of this product.

You want winners.    From everything you use, you want it to make your fishing the most successful you can be.    The jigheads I used for the last 15 years were acceptable.    This company has one that works just as well and they have the smartness to realize they may be able to continue to do even better.  I will enjoy being a part of that.

Feedback I had for the company was well accepted.     I gave them ideas on how to improve their existing products but also things to think about with new products.   They have told me that things they already have in progress may address some of the things I voiced.

In use:  These jigheads have already produced several thousand fish in just over a month.    Performance:   Very good.     Why does that mean so much to me?  I like to target redfish.   Without a quality jighead, that is difficult.     The choices that exist:   The Trout Eye versus the Redfish Eye.    These are very similar designs.    The Redfish Eye is currently only made with a 4/0 hook.    A suggestion I made to them:   Try making this one with a smaller hook.     Not that I don’t like the existing jighead, I think many of the Florida anglers would prefer it with a slightly smaller hook.  The Trout Eye jighead is made on a 2/0 hook.       My suggestion to the company for both designs, offer these jigheads with a “3/0” hook.     I believe it is something they are going to work into the program.

Weights:    1/8-ounce and 3/16-ounce.       I would personally steer you toward the 3/16-ounce but both jigheads will work.    For people fishing much deeper waters:  They offer a ¼-ounce jighead as well.   For what I do, the two lighter ones are what we are going to use.   They are available in four colors with very large 3D eyes.     Red, Pearl, Glow and Gold.   Florida anglers will tell you “our baits have big eyes.”   Finally, a jighead with big eyes worked into the design!

What I have always called the “collar” of a jighead is the prongs that lock the head of a bait to a jighead.    Their collar is very good, exactly how I would make it if I was a jig maker.

Connected in the industry, this company is closely affiliated with Z Man.    While I am not personally affiliated with that company, they are a big one in the soft plastic lure industry.    My own lure sponsor, 12 Fathom may also be seeking affiliation with the Ralph Phillips company.

From the Ralph Phillips web site:

Trout Eye

– 2/0 Mustad UltraPoint Hook
– 1/8 oz, 3/16 oz, 1/4 oz
– Red, Pearl, Glow, Gold, Chrome Eye Colors
– Largest 3D Eye Possible
– Sharp Baitkeeper Prongs

Redfish Eye

– 4/0 Mustad UltraPoint Hook
– 30 deg Eyelet for Shallow Water and Weed Shedding
– 1/8 oz, 3/16 oz, 1/4 oz
– Red, Pearl, Glow, Gold, Chrome Eye Colors
– Largest 3D Eye Possible
– Sharp Baitkeeper Prongs

Predators Strike The Eye

Scientists have shown that many animals have adapted false eyes to avoid certain death when a predator strikes the eye. Witness the redfish and its spot-tail. If a predator strikes the false eye on its tail, it will likely survive that experience. Predators strike the eye!

It’s our belief that when an artificial bait is worked properly through the visual range of a game fish, it has a split second to identify that object as bait – or not. We believe the eye is key to making that decision. The fish will identify the eye and immediately decide to strike.

We have three families of jig heads available to cover the full gamut of fishing scenarios, Trout Eye, Redfish Eye and Striper Eye jigs.  Although named for a target species of predator fish, they of course work for all species of fish, both saltwater and freshwater.

We set out to design the perfect jig heads for us that we would want to fish with day in and day out, starting with the best components we could find.

  • Our jigs are based on the best hook on the market – the Mustad UltraPoint. It is a black nickel, wide gap hook that is very, very sharp and strong.
  • Our jig heads are designed around the biggest 3D eye possible for its weight.
  • Our jigs are unpainted, meaning that you will never have to pick paint out of the eyelet. Don’t you hate that? We do!
  • Last but not least, our jig heads have very pronounced bait keeper prongs so that your soft plastic will not slide off once you have put it on. They work GREAT for Z-Man soft plastics, for example.

But, the key is how they work. They really work better than other jig heads. We have piles of customer testimonials to back up this claim. Try them! We believe that you will believe in them once you try them. Our jig heads come in four color options: Glow (highest contrast), Pearl (most lifelike), Gold (matches redfish and trout eyes), and Red (the classic).

Our mission is to improve the skills of inshore fishermen, using the principles of Ralph Phillips’ more than 40 years of fishing experience.

We provide products to help you improve your fishing success, and other educational tools to help you reach the next level in your fishing goals.  All our fishing gear is thoughtfully designed to provide the ultimate tool to feel the sometimes very subtle bite of a speckled trout.  However, the best equipment and technique will absolutely improve your catching results for ALL species of fish, including redfish, flounder, striper, snook, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, you name it – we have probably caught it on our products.  We have even caught sheepshead and mullet on our jig heads!

Ralph is a specialist in catching Spotted Seatrout, an inshore member of the drum family that is notoriously difficult to catch.  We are strictly artificial bait fishermen.  As Ralph likes to say “If you catch a fish using bait, it doesn’t count.  You’re feeding the fish”.  We can teach you how to understand where the fish are and why, and how to present an artificial bait in a way that induces a strike.  It’s all about the strike and knowing it is your skill that fooled the fish into biting.

So, jump on the bandwagon and begin your journey to becoming a better fisherman – and “GET OFF THE COUCH AND GO FISHING!”

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