Moving forward:  A new year.

For 2019 I want to meet the guy who invented the pop-up ad.   So I can kick him in the groin.

Christmas Day:  I located college pal Joel Levinson on the internet.   He responded instantly.   25 years later.    I got to Florida 25 years ago, Christmas Day.   Arriving to get set for umpire school.    It was cold.     Water fountains frozen, it was a major winter event for here.     With a college buddy’s family in Sarasota, we came up to Tampa for some New Years fun.    That was the start of me with his sister, Kim.     The start of three years.     Long gone, I don’t even hear from her brother anymore, a guy I was close to for many years.

Progress in the world:  Solar powered tents for the homeless.

The Walking Dead:  I still haven’t figured out who is watching this.  No one I know is admitting to it.

The fishing:  I have found the big trout of winter.   We had a trip where we caught about 20 trout.   Average size:  20 inches.    Those are BIG trout.     Typical of winter.     I am disappointed there aren’t big fish in other locations.   I believe trout are showing signs of stress just like everything else.   It is time to start taking care of what we’ve got.

Regression in the world, a transsexual James Bond.   Not that I care about anything with gender or affiliations, but James Bond can’t be confused on sexual determination.   I have never seen a Harry Potter movie.   Odds are:  I will never see a Harry Potter movie.

Just looking at news headlines.   All these people I’ve never heard of, we made millionaires out of them.    For what?   None of them ever did anything.    Our obsession with worshiping people for no reason is odd.    It’s good for the people getting rich but it doesn’t do anything for anyone else.   What do you get from being that admirer?     I guess it adds to your life.   Whatever.

“Do not take____ if you are allergic to it.”   Now there’s medical disclaimer at work.   It sure seems like “fatal bleeding” is also a common problem.     Regular bleeding bad.     Fatal bleeding:   Worse.

Arizonians attacking driverless cars.    OK.    Good luck with that.   I’d just as soon be involved with that as watch a Whoopi Goldberg movie.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, zero losses in December?     They had a great month.    That team holds together there will be a championship in town.     They lost one, came back to win the next two with back to back games coming up.    They got beat up good once by the NY Islanders.     But they will get right back on track.   They’re that good.    They will be a challenging championship team this year.

Publishing a book:  Finally, I am impressed.   I used Amazon to publish.   I had an Amazon order for some things.   I get a box, my order complete my five proof copies of the book were also in there.     That’s efficient.   I didn’t expect that one.      The final shipment has arrived, and distribution has begun.   Pretty obvious, the reorder will be pretty fast.    Sold through over half my initial order in three days…

“A man was charged in the killing of his girlfriend’s daughter after the young girl spilled juice on his Xbox”.   What’s worse?   Violence against a child or an adult playing video games?    The moron killed a four year old over juice being spilled on his video game….   Well, he is off the streets.

Donald Trump is still making people mad.    What the regular guy doesn’t seem to understand, that’s what he intended to do.    Like it or not:  He has been a success.   Could I be friends with him.   Maybe.   Maybe not.   But he would just be someone else I didn’t like that I appreciate what they do.    I think it’s funny.     The world is funny.  This one to me is funny because people don’t realize what he has done.      My father knew it.   I know it.    Good for him.

The agenda is filling up.     We have some problems.     Redfish are not good.    But what do we do about it?   I’m already in motion.      Captain Scott is in motion.     A new governor may mean opportunities to change the system and do things right.

I remain in charge of my world.    I’m a lot of things but not good looking.

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