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By Neil Taylor, Correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times

What’s hot:

The first real cold front of the year will jumpstart the bite for big speckled trout.    All fish like the dropping water temperatures.    The bite won’t necessarily be best at sunrise and sunset any longer but will be during the best tidal movement in the daylight hours.    Action for big trout will be easy now through early May.
Tackle and techniques:
Trout require light tackle.     You can fish ultralight outfits for trout.     Go light on the leader line.   Go light on the lures you use.   Tempt very big trout by throwing bulky, noisy topwater lures.    Use topwater lures in the shallower areas.   To be successful with trout you need to be in areas that are predominantly seagrass bottom.      Trout are almost everywhere but there has to be grass.    Extreme low tides look for trout in the troughs, the rest of the time stay over the grass.   In this region an angler is allowed four trout 15 to 20 inches.   One of the four fish can be over 20 inches.    I’ll only keep slot fish.     Oversize fish are not as good to eat and left out there help to promote a trophy fishery.
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