Capt John Kumiski, St Johns River


Early January St. Johns River Fishing Report

If you appreciate spectacular weather then you really enjoyed this week. I was fortunate enough to be out every day, four of which were on the St. Johns River or her tributaries. Thus the early January St. Johns River fishing report.

On Monday Anton Faith joined me. We took the Bang-O-Craft up the river, looking for breaking fish, and hoping to find some shad (we did not). We did find breaking fish, though.

The river was pretty low, and continued dropping all week.

Anton does not have much fishing experience. He was armed with one of my ultralight spin rods, with a pair of crappie jigs attached. The fish wanted no part of it. They were all over the fry fly- crappie, bass, bluegills all ate it, and I had what I think was a striper hybrid on for a while, although it escaped. When I tried the spin rod to see if it was the fish or the fisherman, my conclusion was it was the fish. I couldn’t get a bite with it either. Weird.

Anton finally got a bass (his first!) on a mini-plug, the only bite he got. He warn’t skonked, though!

st. johns river fishing report

This is the average St. Johns bass lately.

Tuesday I took the kayak back to the St. Johns, still hoping to find a shad, still looking for breaking fish. Again, found the breaking fish, but no shad. The schooling bass were awesome. No large fish, but on a three-weight they are still pretty feisty. Lots of crappie in the river, too.

An alligator in the ten foot range started stalking me, chased me right out of the best spot. Fish or no fish, I prefer not to become a gator snack.

Wednesday I went out with Tom Van Horn. Our goal was to find shad. Our success was limited to Tom hooking and losing two while using a small jig. We did get a few bass and crappie while shad fishing, though.

st. johns river fishing report

There are lots of crappie in the river now.

We saw son Alex and John Napolitano there. After we left they got three shad, and John got a tilapia too.

Thursday afternoon found me floating down the Econ in a kayak. It was such a beautiful day! The Econ looked great, too, low and clear, just how I like it. It was quite dead, though. I got four junior-league bass (six inches or so), one redbelly, and one stumpknocker.

st. johns river fishing report

This was it for Econ bass this week.

With the river conditions the way they are, if the fish are there you usually see some, even if they’re not biting. I saw lots of mullet. I saw five shad. I did not see any bass or sunfish except for really small ones. They must have all dropped down to the lower river or the St. Johns.

And that is the Early January St. Johns River Fishing Report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski