The Tampa Bay Times

The waters have been stirred by high winds this week. Thankfully we are not dealing with ravages of storm surge and damage. However, the turbulent waters will definitely push the fish around a bit. Bait had become a little difficult in North Pinellas just prior to the storm. It may take a few days after it calms down to find a good location for cast netting enough bait for fishing. Pinfish tend to stick around the usual areas, however greenbacks migrate because of strong winds. Water clarity is always an issue with high winds, so I tend to use cut baits or scented artificials in dirty water, leaving a trail of scent for the fish to find. Redfish have been cooperating more recently, schooling on some local flats and seeking shelter under the mangroves. I suspect the schools will not travel far, and will probably find deeper water near the flats they normally inhabit during the volatile weather. Snook may travel further eastward into the canals and bayous to retreat from the choppy waters and high winds. Water temperatures are still in the low to mid 80s, so the fish aren’t as affected like they are during winter cold fronts. Often, their appetites are strong after a few days of not foraging in the usual manner.  September tends to be a great month for inshore fishing. Once the winds calm and the rough waters subside, I suspect the fishing will improve towards the weekend.