• The inshore fishing has remained good overall with water temperatures hanging around 64 degrees. Trout, redfish and sheepshead are schooling up and depending on the time of day and tide can all be caught in good numbers.
  • Trout are top targets as many of the adult trout that make our region such a quality trout fishery have moved into the shallows and can be taken on both live bait and artificial lures. Spoils islands and flats directly adjacent to deep water are perennial trout hot spots. Probe these areas with a soft plastic jig, specifically concentrating on the roll- offs. Live select shrimp work great for trout once the schools are located.
  • Sheepshead are holding tight to docks and bridges right now. Bridge fenders and pilings are places to get big numbers of fish when the winds are light and anchoring close to the structure is safe. Scraping pilings will chum the fish to you and small pieces of shrimp or fresh barnacles work great for bait. Canals are a great place to duck out of the wind, look for canals with off colored water to produce better than those with clear water. A medium sized shrimp with a small split shot above to get it to the bottom works great.
  • Redfish and some big trout can be found shadowing mullet schools at high tide. Flats holding mullet are places to check. Drift fish or wade those flats full of mullet while fan casting gold spoons and or a weed-less soft plastic. When a fish holding area is located fresh ladyfish steaks on the bottom will attract the attention of both the trout and redfish.
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